Excess stock of PSIS Semarang foreign players, will Bruno Silva be released for new players? | Bolaindo

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PSIS Semarang is confirmed to still be crossing out or not registering players in the current squad ahead of the 2021/2022 BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 second round.

As is known, PSIS has already crossed out two players, namely Brian Ferreira and Nerius Alom. Furthermore, PSIS management still has plans to evaluate the current squad.

What is certain to be evaluated is a row of foreign players, considering that the current list of PSIS foreign players consists of five players.

Meanwhile, according to regulations, only four are allowed to be registered, provided that three foreign players have free slots and one Asian slot.

After dropping the Argentine-Iraqi mulatto player, Brian Ferreira, PSIS recruited again Brazilian player, Flavio Beck Junior.

PSIS also brought in a new foreign player in the striker position and is currently still undergoing self-quarantine in Jakarta.

The Mahesa Jenar team is also still being strengthened by three foreign players, namely Wallace Costa, Jonathan Cantillana, and Bruno Silva.

Regarding the evaluation, the CEO of PSIS, Yoyok Sukawi said that he would wait for the technical considerations of the new coaching team.

“Actually there are (which will be crossed out) but from technical considerations.

When it comes to technical considerations, let the new coach decide. He will see which ones are necessary and which are not to be crossed out, “said Yoyok.

Of the five foreign players currently, Yoyok said his position was still not safe for the second round of BRI Liga 1.

“Including foreign players, we have an advantage now.

There are five, Bruno, Flavio, Wallace, Jonahan, plus one new player. Then the coach will decide. That’s why foreign players are not safe now,” he said.

Yoyok admits that the advantages of foreign players will make the coach have to consider carefully to determine the four foreign players who deserve to be retained.

“If people ask, PSIS is not serious about preparing for the second round, on the contrary, we have brought in new foreign players,” said Yoyok.

Regarding local players, he also said that management is still targeting additional players in certain positions. What is clear, the players who are brought in later are not labeled superstars.

“We will also bring in local players, but we will not bring in star players. Because if the players are real stars, usually the club (the shooting player) will not let go,” said Yoyok.

“So later we recruit young players, or recruit from League 2 teams.

We’re still hunting, it’s still a long time. The point is that we are serious about making preparations,” said Yoyok.

The stock of two strikers makes Bruno Silva’s position unsafe.

Will Bruno be released for a new player?

Let’s just wait.

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