Fighting An Invisible Enemy: The Voices Of Havana Syndrome

Four of the original Havana Syndrome victims speak out and share their experiences at the center of this geopolitical mystery. They describe the strange episodes, the aftermath and how their injuries forever changed their lives. From NBC News Investigations and NBC News Digital, this original digital documentary features an additional interview with one Havana Syndrome victim who has never been publicly identified.
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Responses (32)

  1. 8 years of torture 4 years intense torture with the intent to assassinate.
    Via cancer or heart attack.
    Still alive by God's grace.
    Happening in Santa Clara County.

    The low IQ's dispensing the direct energy weapons will find they have cancer.

  2. By my calculations these attacks should make them 50% MORE effective. BECAUSE, when they beam you down to stupider you KNOW youre stupid. and, knowing is HALF the battle…I was actually going to disclose some TOP SECRET info but i thought eh, nah, not gonna get it. okay fine, I'll talk. everyone gets a buzzcut. theyre taking a little off the top. ok a lot. theyre going all the way down. and theyre driving whats left like a tesla. people who know nothing claim to be experts and are dismissing this as mass sociogenic plague. and, that could be. But the clear facts remain, which is that the airspace is breached and compromised by psychoactive radio waves

  3. What about all of the "AMERICAN CIVILIANS" Complaining to the Board of Bio Ethics in "2011" of Microwave Attacks? Still not going to investigate that, or take their testimony seriously? They know WTF Is going on & not only are they ignoring cries for help, they're labeling them as mentally ill,crazy people. Why?

  4. Seems kind of like the mystery surrounding the origin of COVID. There needs to be big time questions into who is doing this, using what technology, and for what motive. All we seem to get is stonewalling, though. 🙁

  5. INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES SAY that Russia is posturing for an offensive invasion of Ukraine, China is looking to take taiwan and Iran is looking to bolster its forces with cannons. ARE WE ROLLING THE DICE IN A FULL ACTIVE MIND CONTROL HERE OR WHAT? normally i would not say anything but someone has to tell people we are under attack by invisible brain waves here! AND I actually gave up on that mission YEARS AGO AND UNTIL THIS NEWS CAME OUT. on this issue, theyre probably saying that they knew all the nuts were going to come out on this one and getting a that-a-boy for saying it because psychosomatic illnesses and other diseases are real as far as mainstream medical science is concerned. RADIO WAVES ARE REAL TOO AND THEY ARE NOT ALL BENIGN THEY CAN BE OVERWHELMINGLY PSYCHOACTIVE

  6. I've endured all that and worse right here on U.S. soil. I still endure these repeated crimes. I may be one of the worst cases, but I am by no means the only one. Check out PACTS Int'l of which I am a member. Much of this is US grown… look at who was brought here & when.

  7. I think that our government also tested low doses of our own weapons on us. I definitely had experiences where I was in contact not only with invisible handlers in the shadows who were trying different things, but our version of this weapon could also read my mind and in the latter half of the tests I was hearing them in my mind and answering silently. I believe there are others who have had experiences like mine but usually they are much more invasive and negative, and I sincerely believe that’s what the “gangstalking” phenomenon actually is.

  8. My sound went out while watching. Lol. These individuals are explaining what tea eyes go through. Some of us get the targeting really badly. I’m not sure how these individuals are able to disclose all of this on national television without repercussions. If all tea eyes did this, most of us wouldn’t be here. I can hear them right now in my building in Los Angeles. They hate tea eyes watching this. Lol. Well then, the show should’ve been cancelled, but I’m so glad it isn’t. Our stories are unbelievable because WE cannot even believe our own stories. I get hit with D E W all day and all night. I lay down to sleep and then they fry my head. We are all currently the new Holocaust victims in US. I’m also a veteran and was honorably discharged in 1989 and other veterans are the perpetrators against me. I’ve nearly lost my life 10 times since 2017 when it started.

  9. Voice of God has a patent. All patents go to SERCO. The queen or Monarchy owns all patents. Who owns the crown? The Vatican. Look up the patents.. using the human as currency. (cypto-currency) Human slavery is now full time. They LIVE: YOU SLEEP. ( watch the movie) They also are now in the works of denying health care to anyone. So, Obama Care is a tracking system. All DNA is being routed to hunt humans. Skynet is real. Welcome to the Machine. I hope this help you because I was horrifically assaulted last night by them. They are trying their best of "off" me by using these weapons. I am real. I am human. I give you the truth. If you continue to side. swipe the problem.. it will get you because Lucifer eats his own.

  10. Doctors are giving you all a TALK-OFF. YOU ARE BEING ASSAULTED BY DEW. Energy Weapons. NASA ( sun simulator SYSTEM). Owned by Solyndra corporation. Doctors don't want you to know this is a deep organized religion by the masonic order.

  11. Microwave; sonic attacks ( ELF extra low frequency is a yellow very low frequency and can make you sick in an instant) Look the color up in the spectrum of light if you don't believe me. . Yes… every little thing in this report is what Targeted Individuals for YEARS have been yelling about. Now, you all know! Your Government people do not like you. It is not the system itself ; it is personages. They are different. We have a nest full of demonic entities running the show with killer / Tesla like military grade system. Sun simulator; killer satellites; down to the GWEN towers; to your LED lights to your IPHONE to YOU. Every man, woman and child has BEEN CHIPPED! You are now no longer aloud to speak you will be punished for your own personal thoughts. No individualism. It is all for the hive mind teams. (gangstalkers who worship Lucifer)

  12. Physical sensation is remote neural monitoring in the central nervous system. You have to go deep in the blood to see the chemtrails… Nano- level .. , but most doctors won't go that deep they just want to pump you with pills. It is an assault on the central nervous system. ( DEW)

  13. I dont know if Im a voice of "havana syndrome" but im DEFINITELY a voice of electromagnetic mind control. It sounds like they're saying this could be an acoustic or sonic attack. This is definitely NOT a job for the local police, it's a job for your intelligence agencies if you have any left! I SAID YEARS AGO THAT WE NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER HAGUE CONVENTION AND HOPE IT DOESNT TURN INTO A CONVENTIONAL OVEN! the problem is that it was already a full active mind control field. most people have no clue theyre being radiated. in fact generally what this does is make you stupid and think youre smart!! I AM HOPING THEY DONT DISMISS THIS AS PSYCHOSOMATIC OR SONIC AND CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE POTENTIAL EFFECTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION ON THE HUMAN BODY INCLUDING FULL FLIPPING MIND CONTROL!! i have TINNITUS AS WELL BUT ITS MORE LIKE MY HEAD THATS BUZZING FROM MASSIVE WIRELESS CONNECTION TO THE BRAIN!!!


  15. The problem is guaranteed to keep growing until we start having a sensible open conversation about this new mode of crime and encourage companies to develop consumer detection equipment that the police and courts can and will use in legal proceedings. On this issue we should ask, "Where is law enforcement?" They are very slow to adapt to this 21st Century crime, though I admit it is a VERY tricky mode of crime for law enforcement. Still, it's time for the police to step up their game a little bit. It's a law enforcement disgrace.

  16. Time to acknowledge the thousands of ordinary citizens that are being attacked with these weapons every day. I had a very similar incident in California back in 2009. I know for a fact that many complaints of this have been reported to the police and the FBI. As far as I know none of them have been fallowed up on.

  17. Happening On Americans , revealing On Americans. Those Who are alienated To American Leaderships Influence who are Innocent in These , Most Communists ForEver Living Leaders Now ! LoL ! Have Fears that it wiLL be Inflected On Them If They behave Against to CreaTe Another WOrLd War . LoL ! Sorry for The Guinea Pigs ! LoL ! It is A choice ! You stay or The Bored Americans will take Over Your Benefits and privilèges Enjoyed There . LoL ! The HavaNa Syndrome is A Warning ! Never Try to get Into Another War . The Target will be those who Orders . The Maker is Now Gathering datas On The Effects of That Making .. On You . LoL ! WouLd You Love To Leave Cuba ? The Personnel’s There WouLd You ? No Diplomatic relationships ? Then the Embassy Becomes a Laboratory ! A testing ground ? LoL !

  18. guys havana syndrome there is shooting done by movie people robo 2.0 photon synthesizer which is microwave directed photon synthesizer it has frequencies electromagnetic radiation directed at people its done by this people

  19. The problem with conventional weapon dominance is that your enemies naturally choose not to deal with you conventionally. The Magnitsky Act has restarted a cold war, these are the victims of asymmetrical warfare being fought by their government's agencies. Cuba has never been treated by America as an equal sovereign neighbor nation.

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