East Aceh Floods, 2,751 Refugees, 6,003 Houses Are Submerged

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Banjir dipicu hujan lebat yang membuat sungai di tujuh kecamatan di Aceh Timur meluap. Banjir merendam ribuan rumah.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

Flood which hit seven sub-districts in the Regency of Aceh East, Aceh submerged 6,003 houses. A total of 2,751 residents also had to live temporarily in refugee camps.

The East Aceh Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) noted that flooding occurred in 46 villages or gampongs in seven sub-districts.

“So far, 6,003 housing units have been inundated with 19,352 people affected by the flood,” said the Head of the East Aceh BPBD Ashadi in East Aceh, Saturday (1/1) as reported by Between.

Rain caused heavy rain. Temporary refugees live in relatives’ homes, madrasas or schools and higher places.

There were no fatalities. One house was reportedly damaged by a landslide.

“Similarly, road access to Bukit Seulamak Village, Bireum Bayeun District was completely cut off due to being buried by landslides,” said Ashadi.

Most of the refugees are in Alue Sentang Village, Bireum Bayeun District as many as 1,600 people.

Ashadi said the flooding occurred due to the high intensity of rain since Thursday (30/12). The rain caused a number of rivers in several sub-districts in East Aceh Regency to overflow.

Currently, said Ashadi, the water level at several points continues to rise. Flood heights ranged from 30 centimeters to 1.2 meters. “We are also distributing aid to refugee points in a number of meunasah. Hopefully the floods will recede soon, so that people can return to their homes,” said Ashadi.


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