Holiday donations lost in transit on way to Las Vegas

An Alaska woman each year hands out bags of donations in Las Vegas to those in need around Christmas. This year, however, her bag with 50 packages was lost in transit.

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  1. I ring the bell for the Salvation army every Christmas and a lady told me people walk by me and they don't donate I told her it's not like generations ago doing a Great depression of 1929 when that the whole United States was wiped out everybody knew how to help one another and give is this every generation evolves the better another generations cuz they don't want them being in poverty and when people get comfortable and become very wealthy or middle class they don't look back at the generations before them that they were poor that they wanted better for them they'll never know what it's like to be poor and homeless that's why people walk around and don't know how to care when the economy falls out in the coming years and the dollar isn't worth nothing a lot of people that get wiped out that were very wealthy or middle class they'll know what it's like to stand outside of food pantry or a soup line to get something to eat and they'll remember they never gave

  2. I worked for SW baggage & sometimes bags miss their flights or are mixed up during a layover…. Sad this happened to someone w such good intentions. But their also is a HUGE auction that happens out of state of all the bags that are lost & never found or claimed that makes $$$$ every year!
    So who knows what happened, hopefully the bag is recovered & this lady can get even more donations with her story being shared to everyone!

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