LaporCovid-19 Records 3,994 Violations Reports Related to Covid 2021

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LaporCovid-19 mencatat ribuan laporan warga terkait pandemi Covid-19 sepanjang 2021. Keluhan terbanyak yakni pelanggaran protokol kesehatan dan layanan RS.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

LaporCovid-19 recorded as many as 3,394 reports of residents entering related pandemic Covid-19 throughout 2021. The most complaints from residents are related to violations of health protocols and health services in hospitals.

LaporCovid-19 initiator Irma Handayani said that her party received various reports from the public regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in hospitals. The data was taken over a period of one year until December 22, 2021.

“Throughout 2021, the total number of reports from residents who received LaporCovid-19 reached 3,994 reports. The most complaints were related to violations of health protocols 43 percent, and health services at hospitals 14.4 percent,” said Irma in a written statement, Saturday (1/01). 1).

Irma detailed in general reports related to health protocols, including anxiety because residents did not wear masks, did not keep their distance, and did not wash their hands.

“The locations of the most violations are in public places, such as parks and stations, airports. Other locations that are at risk are offices and schools or campuses,” said Irma.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, LaporCovid-19 recorded more than 700 reports of poor health services in Indonesia. Several reports have come in regarding the non-operation of puskesmas and hospitals, as well as requests for isolation rooms or ICUs for Covid-19 patients.

“Residents also find it difficult to get medical needs during the crisis, such as medicines and oxygen cylinders. From the side of health workers, it turns out that many have experienced delays to cut incentives,” said Irma.

In addition to reports related to health services in hospitals, LaporCovid-19 also recorded reports of residents who entered related to social assistance during the pandemic as much as 11.2 percent, complaints about Covid-19 vaccinations as much as 10.1 percent, and reports related to AEFI vaccines and non-health services. as much as 21.3 percent.

Regarding complaints about vaccination issues, LaporCovid-19 noted that many residents claimed to have received minimal information on registration, access to a second dose of vaccination, and complaints of misuse of booster vaccines.

“Those two types of reports [prokes dan vaksin], should be a strong reason for improving the handling of the pandemic in Indonesia. The presence of the Covid-19 Task Force is certainly questionable because many health procedures are violated and vaccinations are in disarray,” he said.

Regarding social assistance, LaporCovid-19 noted that more than 400 reports of social assistance were not on target. Social Service data with the Ministry of Social Affairs that have not been properly synchronized led to chaos in the reception of social assistance.

The variety of social assistance reported to LaporCovid-19 includes BST, BPUM, basic necessities, electricity, to illegal social assistance fees during the pandemic.

Irma submitted all reports that were submitted to LaporCovid-19 and then forwarded to the authorities according to the contents of the complaint.

“LaporCovid-19 in the future will continue to run the program and be strengthened. Next we will create a telehealth-based health service system called RsRV or Virtual Healthy Home. The goal is to help primary health facilities and other telemedicine serve people in difficulty,” concluded Irma.


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