Padang Lawas, North Sumatra, has an Emergency Response Status after the Flash Flood

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Pemkab Padang Lawas Sumut menetapkan status tanggap darurat hingga 14 Januari pascabanjir bandang di Kecamatan Batang Lubu Sutam pada Jumat lalu.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

District government Old Field, North Sumatra, determined the status of disaster emergency response after the Batang Lubu Sutam sub-district was hit by flash floods.

For information, flash floods occurred in the area on Friday night (31/12/2020), around 21.30 WIB.

Based on a press release from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), today, Saturday (1/1), the Regent of Padang Lawas determined the emergency response status through decree number 360/001/KPTS/2022. The emergency response status is valid for 14 days – January 1 to January 14, 2022.

Plt Kapusdatin and BNPB Disaster Communications Abdul Muhari stated that after the flash flood, Padang Lawas Regency BPBD was still carrying out emergency handling and data collection in the field.

Developments on Saturday (1/1), at 14.00 WIB the local BPBD still noted 12 units of the house were washed away and 1 unit of Islamic boarding school was heavily damaged. BPBD officers assisted by the TNI, Polri, residents and village officials conducted a search and rescue of residents. However, there have been no reports of fatalities and data on the number of displaced residents.

A total of 15 villages in Batang Lobu Sutam District, Padang Lawas Regency were affected by flash floods that brought this wood material. The affected villages are Tanjung Baru, Muara Malinto, Tandolan, Siadam, Tamiang, Tamiang Market, Tanjung Barani, Mangosteen, Pinarik, Siojo, Paran Manggis, Huta Nopan, Tangga Batu, Paran Dolok and Ark Sorik.

“BNPB urges local governments and residents to remain vigilant and ready,” said Abdul.

“The weather forecast at night is observed to have the potential for light rain, while tomorrow (2/2) it has the potential for moderate rain. This condition can affect subsequent flooding as well as search and rescue efforts in the field,” he added.


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