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Persija Jakarta continues to move in bringing in new players to face the second round of Liga 1 2021/22. The latest is Macan Kemayoran, inaugurating the Ciptady Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood, who previously defended Sriwijaya FC in Liga 2 2021, admitted that he did not expect to be able to strengthen Persija. He was very happy because he had dreamed of it for a long time.

“Who does not want to enter Persija. For me defending my own city, my birthplace. Who doesn’t want it,” said the Brotherhood, quoted on the club’s official website.

The Persija uniform is not something new for the Ikhwan. Several years ago the 27-year-old footballer was invited to take part in the club’s training from the capital city.

Therefore, the Ikhwan believes that it will not be difficult to adapt to the Persija squad. He is ready to give all his best to help his new club.

“Actually, I was once asked to participate in joint training when I was still at the PON DKI Jakarta in 2015. Because here [Persija] at that time many seniors were injured. So, I have previously participated in training with seniors so that it is not foreign,” he said.

In this season Persija, inhabited by many young players. Angelo Alessio’s troops are also active in attracting new pillars ahead of the second round of Liga 1.

Before the Ikhwan, Persija had brought in four new players. They are Samuel Christianson, Ichsan Kurniawan, Ahmad Bustomi, and Makan Konate.

“When it comes to the composition of players, young or senior, it’s the same. The most important thing when playing on the field is to have high motivation. So let the game all out,” he said.

There is an important role for the assistant coach of Persija Sudirman, in the arrival of the Ikhwan. The man who presented the 2021 Menpora Cup title was the first person to contact him.

“Initially, they were called to ask whether they wanted to come here or not. After that, a few days later, Mas Bambang (the ultimate manager of Persija) called me. From there we kept in touch until we finally agreed that I would come here.”

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