Surabaya Tourists Become the First Visitors to Prambanan Temple in 2022, the Prize?

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Yogyakarta – A family from Surabaya, East Java, became the first visitor Prambanan temple on January 1, 2022. The management of PT Taman Wisata Candi or TWC Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko gave them attractive prizes.

“On the first day of 2022, we have prepared a special appreciation for the first five visitors who enter the Prambanan Temple Tourism Park area,” said General Manager of PT TWC Prambanan Temple, Jamaludin Mawardi. The prizes were in the form of wrapping a typical Yogyakarta batik scarf from the management leadership, souvenir gifts, and the opportunity to plant a kepel tree in the courtyard of Prambanan Temple which will become a keepsake when you return to visit.

The first visitors to Prambanan Temple in 2022 had the opportunity to plant trees in the temple area. This is one of the gifts from the management of PT TWC. Dock. Special

Jamaludin explained, the first five tourists entered the temple at the border Yogyakarta and Klaten, Central Java, consisting of a husband, wife and three children. They all get gifts. “So fittingly, the first five people who came were this family from Surabaya,” he said.

Tourists who received prizes, Susi Hidayati admitted that she was surprised by the response from the management of PT TWC. “We did not know and did not expect to be welcomed like this. Especially directly from the management. I was reluctant,” said Susi, who is from the Mulyorejo area, Surabaya.

Director of Marketing and Services of PT TWC, Hetty Herawati said, this year the target is 1.8 million visits traveler. Meanwhile, in 2021, the number of visitors who come to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Ratu Boko is 1.3 million tourists. “Moreover, there is the Omicron variant, we are really on guard and remain disciplined in health protocols,” he said.

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