The Riddle of the Disappearance of Marc Klok from Persib Bandung Training Session | Bolaindo

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Dutch naturalized player, Marc Klok, disappeared in the last few training sessions of Persib Bandung.

The disappearance of Marc Klok has led to speculation that the player is leaving the club.

Marc Klok took part in Persib’s first training session to enter the second round of Liga 1 2021 on Tuesday (21/12/2021).

Only, the best player in the 2021 Menpora Cup trained separately.

By the Christmas celebrations, Klok was nowhere to be seen at the training session with his teammates.

Persib coach, Robert Rene Alberts, said that Klok disappeared from training because of his permission to go first to Bali.

On the Island of the Gods, the former Persija player is focused on recovering from an injury.

In addition, Klok also has an appointment with his family there.

“Marc Klok has had an injury and he has to recover. He also has appointments with his family, so he will train in Bali and later join the team there,” Alberts told reporters.

Regarding Klok’s injury, the Persib team doctor, Rafi Ghani, also spoke up.

Klok suffered an injury while strengthening Persib in the last match of the 2021 Liga 1 first round against Persik Kediri.

Rafi said that Klok’s injury was not a serious injury. He just needed a recovery process.

“Klok has a complaint in his leg, but it’s not serious. So, he was given a program by the coach for injury recovery, there is also a training program,” said Rafi.

The progress of Klok’s injury will continue to be monitored by the Persib team of doctors while in Bali.

Regarding the opportunity for Klok to appear in the inaugural match of the second round of Liga 1, Rafi could not confirm it.

“I can’t say for sure because of the game on January 7th. There are still a few days after we came there, later we will see and observe,” said Rafi.

“Now that I believe I can do it, it turns out that I will actually get injured a few days at the training ground. So, it is certain to appear or not, it is usually H-1 before the match,” he said.

In the inaugural second round of Liga 1 2021, Persib is scheduled to meet Persita Tangerang on 7 January.

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