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Omicron is now the dominant Covid-19 variant in the U.S. as cases surge, Sen. Joe Manchin derails the Build Back Better agenda, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial heads to the jury, and a group of American missionaries were released in Haiti.

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Responses (47)

  1. just so you people know, after omicron there will be something else….after that there will be another….then another….how many times are you all gonna fall for the same thing? i have exposed myself to EVERY strain out there, my body destroyed them all very quickly with no "vaccine"…and by the way, whats in that stuff that you all have been freely injecting into your DNA? I sure hope that it isnt weakening your immune systems, forcing you to rely on big pharma….ya know, big pharma….the companies that sponser your mass media (news)

  2. Inflation, Afghanistan, illegals, unemployment, gasoline,border, unchecked uncontrolled spending, supply chain shortages, Covid-19, the list goes on and on, media silent! Merry Christmas blundering biden. Send your excess masks to 1600 Pennsylvania ave Washington DC so they can be distributed free to the two million new illegals in our country.

  3. Manchin stated that he finds the build back better bill humanly impossible for him.

    Firstly, Climate change puts the Manchin family's coal dividends at risk.

    Secondly, Child care and Elder care for the US public does not benefit Manchin or his family.

  4. The USA, where you used to be able to own people but now suddenly wearing a mask is having your freedom taken away. H.Franklin

    US parents protest at school meetings about? A: 185 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

    Typical Americans plain and SIMPLE. Covid deaths: US 830,990 New Zealand 49.


  5. Europe admits Omicron was found IN EUROPE BEFORE AFRICA. So why was South Africa blamed for sounding the alarm?

    Europe admits Covid19 was found IN EUROPE BEFORE CHINA. So why was China blamed for sounding the alarm?

    Covid deaths = Managed pandemic China 4,636 & New Zealand 49 Mismanaged pandemic US 830,990.

    Covid originated at Fort Detrick, Maryland and Spanish flu in Haskell County, Kansas. SO WHY DID AMERICA NOT SOUND THE ALARM ?

  6. Peace not war the media is not reporting it, it against Russia and China another country WW3 is coming. Military . People need to protect it not about variant it about WAR that many people don't know about be ready it very very soon they talking about with in this week two week.

  7. If they don't pass that build back better plan I will stop voting Democrat and become a republican they are the only ones that can get things done even though they don't care about the little people but at least they're people stick together look at what Joe is doing Mansion Joe manchin what a name I don't think you ever lived in a in a house or an apartment

  8. YouTube thankfully now blocks false language b4 posting comments so knowing that and use of bad words like the F word that and you PhoQ with this bull S word enough of this S word if you’re foolishly fully vaxed triple bOOstered five times and triple mask and scuba gear then you’re safe to call loved ones and wish em happily Holidays and no no Mary Christmas as you’d offend XI variant and chairman mao’s chair and wuhan virus 🦠 plannedemic

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