Vincent Jackson’s widow speaks on CTE in an exclusive ABC News interview l NTL

Vincent Jackson spent 12 years in the NFL as a wide receiver. After his death in February, the autopsy revealed he had Stage 2 CTE, a degenerative brain disease common among former football players.



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  1. I would love to see NFL start making it safer and less violent. It's not fair to the players, and their families, that they have to deal with CTE, where other popular pro sports, like NBA and MLB, don't. In the end, I think it will have to be the players that will have to stand up for their safety, or choose another sport.

  2. Is really not about concussions, soccer players get CTE a lot from just heading the ball. Simply put, our brain is not designed to shake within the skull. The more you do it, the higher the chance you get CTE. Is kind of like smoking causing lung cancer. I happen to follow and watch football, sometimes I think whether I should stop because there is no doubt football causes CTE. Is like back in the day when I used to work in advertising and at one point did work on a tobacco account whereby some people didn't think it was ethical to do so. I didn't think much of it at the time because one I was a smoker and it was the 90's, but who knew tobacco advertising would be totally banned now? At some point, I think we will have to ask ourselves should we even watch and support sports that causes CTE such as football, soccer, rugby, just to name a few? Is like whether companies should be allowed to make cigarettes when we know full well it causes lung cancer.

  3. I played tackle football since the age of 5 to 19 at a local JC. I had 4 known concussions and till this day my memory is horrible and I have bad headaches. I forget so much and I’m honestly so worried

  4. A lot of these women act differently towards they’re Husbands once they’re not in the line light. I’ve seen it a lot. A lot of these women put stress on the marriage once the checks slow down. I have plenty examples.

  5. I'm curious to know why doesn't this happen to boxers like it's happening to football players?, If boxers are constantly getting their heads beat in repeatedly, but yet you don't hear about CTE in boxing or hear about boxers killing their self. I mean yeah I've heard of boxers dying in the ring but rarely do you hear about the after trauma like football players suffer and boxers get hit way more to the head. Idk maybe because the hits in football are more violent I guess. Idk but does anyone agree or disagree??

  6. I don’t think CTE, versus someone who has had it all, the attention, the money, the high of playing in front of thousands, being a super hero. And than being forgotten. That also had a huge effect. Depression, feeling bored and unmotivated because what can take you there again? Besides drugs, and or something with a lot of adrenaline. All
    He knew was football. I don’t believe in CTE is the only point of no return. This doctor lady seems phony

  7. I played 9 years in the NFL. This is very sad and unfortunate. Marijuana is the answer fam.

    My life turned around once I started using weed as medication. Kyle Turley an ex NFL lineman is an advocate for the use of weed as medication. His story is what lead me to educating myself on the health benefits of cannabis. My brain was absolutely showing signs of the effects of CTE. A small dose of cannabis and it was like my mind returned to a calm space that I had not felt since high school.

    As an ex athlete you have to rehab your body the rest of your life. The brain is just as important as your knees, back, joints…..etc.

  8. Knocked out so many times not addressed by ER after car accident with loss of consciousness, by brother, serval other. It is sad most do not even think of compassion with head injuries.
    Please remember many people never get diagnosed any type of closed head injuries & managed care has been a disaster of fraud & abuse!
    Check how many give narcotic not medical care.

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