Zidane’s Dribble Compilation Viral Footage, A True Legend

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“In the era of glory, Zizou’s way of controlling the ball was truly magical. Check out the video!”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Several people have made great marks in European football, making their name in history as footballers whose prowess deserves to be recognized worldwide.

In modern-day football, it is easy to see the prowess of a player in carrying the ball and deceiving his opponents in a beautiful and elegant way. One who can do it is the legend of Juventus and Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane.

Before retiring and finally deciding to become a coach, the French Maestro appeared to control the ball a lot on the field. In addition to making the opponent’s defense tattered, he also tricked his enemy midfielder into spinning with his fast feet. Of course it will always be remembered as one of the kings of the European game.

Whether it was in Juventus colours, or during his illustrious Madrid days, Zizou was always ready to dribble quickly to get out of trouble or leave players behind him. In fact, deceive the opponent in the way in front of him.

Although known for his incredible vision and super-accurate passing range, Zidane’s skill with the ball at his feet is also hard to beat.

In a video that has been going viral on social media lately, some of Zidane’s smoothest dribbles are shown online. The ease with which he does it is to get out of the way and trick opponents who try to block very cleverly.

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Whether it’s getting out of a tough situation in defense or breaking an opponent’s back line open like an egg, Zidane’s quick feet are always ready to get the job done.

The French legend was able to change gears with alarming eloquence, going from place to place in quick succession, and leaving hapless opposing players wondering what was really going on.

When Zidane starts to go round and round, you know you are in for a long day as an opponent.

But, it wasn’t just in his playing days that Zidane dominated the European landscape. As a coach, Zidane also won many titles, including three Champions Leagues in a row with Madrid. For most ordinary mortals, it is a different page in a storybook. But, for a man like Zidane and his quality, it’s just another day in the office.

Now, Zidane awaits his next opportunity in coaching, with rumors circulating that he is preparing to take over at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

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