ABC News Prime: MI shooter's parents charged; Baldwin exclusive fallout; Islamophobia on the Hill

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  1. The parents had blood on their hands the second they purchased that gun. Why is this so difficult to understand? And why wouldn't the school staff look in his backpack? They should be charged too. Home schooling would prevent school shootings. Wake up people.

  2. The school apparently did not take themselves seriously! Why did they let him go back to class where he fired his gun instead of making him GO HOME with his parents who said no to counseling and who were conveniently there to take him!

  3. I think the parents are at fault as well as the school. But I feel they are taking the mother text a bit out of context. They were obviously gun lovers so I don’t think it was meant in that way? There are many people that have a love for guns/shooting as a hobby that search the internet for ammo etc…

  4. The school should have sent him home until the parents get therapy.
    The parents shouldn't have bought him a handgun just as Kyle the Killer parents shouldn't have bought him an AR15 to hint humans.
    Kyle the Killer shouldn't have be praised as a hero more will imitate.
    The nation should have charged the first five school shooters parents.

  5. parents know what their kids are doing, yes parents who know and turn a blind eye should be charged, maybe then parents will be more vigilant of what their kids r doing, this is soo shameful in the UNITED STATES

  6. Precarious mentality…. Parents possibly afraid cops would wind up blowing their kid away… He might instigate something for their probable cause action… Sometimes as the government uses remote viewers indicating the reality of what's known as telepathy telemetry… can be confusing… The noise mistaken.. and confusing.. we should have natural built-in buffers.. and adaptation if proper course of this esoteric science is understood. Hence a precarious mentality…

  7. Alex Baldwin did not pull the hammer back far enough to make it click into lock position or he had his finger slightly on trigger to prevent this mechanism from actuating… Even so… slight trigger pressure releases it.. not required to pull trigger all the way back as far as possible… This system guarantees that trigger would work… If somehow trigger or required to be pulled all the way back such a mechanism tolerance may not actuate hammer dependably…

  8. My deepest condolences to the families. I’m truly heartbroken for your loss. Keeping all of you in my prayers. I feel the charges against the parents are justified. They are totally responsible for their child as any other parent would be responsible for their children. We have metal detectors installed in Detroit public schools and security guards. Also when my son was in high school Wayne County prosecutors had an office inside Mumford High school. I think the suburban school districts should consider metal detectors and more security.

  9. Ethan might have been spoilt and had underlying mental condition. Concerning parents. You can blame the parents, the child under age, they contributed to him getting the gun. Did Ethan not say he cannot get the thought out his brain to shoot, something is strange, why did they get him a fire arm? America has a gun problem, too many guns are in the hands of. people

  10. On the picture found, Ethan wrote “the thoughts won’t stop, help me” … I would think anyone who saw the pic, would see a teen literally asking for help.. and he should of been taken out of school by his parents and if necessary the school officials should of demanded the parents take him home besides ask the parents if he had access to a gun, then search his backpack especially if the parents admitted he did & refused to take him home and/or legal/CPS authorities called to remove him & get him help. This shooting spree was totally preventable!!

  11. If gun was not secure then the parents should swing for it.If the gun was secure then they should not be charged.They obviously didn't buy the gun for him no matter what you think,I just don't see that.Have you ever been a kid and wanted something and your parents said it's yours.You really knew it wasn't, but they wanted to make you feel included.I think this is the case here.A lot if families have trouble in a lot of ways.This isn't just about the parents it's about government control. It's sad about children getting killed but you will see soon another attempt by the dems and rights haters trying to take guns again.It is never the guns fault,it takes a living breathing person to pull trigger.Look what happened with the guy that ran people over with his car.Should we ban all cars? Silly right.We need guns to defend ourselves need be.This prosecutor is a bitch and really looks to further her career by exploiting children.Do you think that is messed up?

  12. According to independent journalist Christopher Rufo, "A minister and a veteran voiced opposition to the school board. The school district's police department, in coordination with the sheriff, sent armed agents to arrest them in their homes."
    This comes directly on the heels of AG Merrick Garland announcing that he would work with "local law enforcement" to crack down on parents who don't share his Left-wing views.
    He even said he was going to send FBI federal agents to crack down on these parents.

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