Alec Baldwin Exclusive Interview – Part 1 | ABC News

Alec Baldwin on why he is speaking out now about ‘Rust’ tragedy: Part 1

In an exclusive interview, Baldwin said he wanted to talk about cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and what he said were misconceptions about what happened the day she was killed on set.

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  1. What bothers me is that everyone talks about this without considering the possibility that he knowingly and deliberately murdered her, without considering the possibility that he somehow deliberately loaded the gun with a deadly projectile or had someone else do it for him, that is an accomplice. Everyone is making the assumption that he is not guilty of murder even though he pointed a gun at someone and shot them dead. I think that it is wrong to make that assumption. This is what people have done from the first minute of the investigation. Has anyone ever asked Alec Baldwin, "Did you murder her?" The answer is no. I believe that as long as that question is never asked of Alec Baldwin and as long as that possibility is never considered, a proper investigation will not have been conducted.

  2. If this accident happened in your own home, you would already be serving time for it. The blame lands on Alec Baldwin. No matter how you look at it, he pulled the trigger. The buck stops at Alec Baldwin on that set. He ran everything that was going on there. But he isn't goin to see any time. He is in that special club in hollywood, and one of the upper elites of the club.

  3. but there is something make me so confused 😕 how he doesn't know the different between the real gun and the fake gun 😅 how ? 🤷‍♂️ all I know about the real gun is he came very heavy gun not light I mean wtf all people knows the real guns 😹

  4. huh gun safety. he takes a gun on someone's word and not check it as its handed to him.. its like here take this rpg .. why tf did he aim it at the crew and shoot anyway. so he didn't take safety ssrious… anyone else get the feeling he's doing all this extra bs interviews, so he won't have a real jury when he goes to court finally and the whole jury is tainted and one sided

  5. This guy makes me want to vomit. All I see is a man desperately trying to save face. I don't see the guilt one would expect if somebody took another person's life. He is concerned about himself. He is selfish. Disgusting.

  6. This is why you never give a stupid liberal a gun. They have not got any common sense. Who In their right mind assumes a gun is not loaded. It does not matter who hands it to you, you physically check it stupid. You are to blame and should pay.

  7. This was a tragic accident and it’s hard for me to understand why people are so vitriolic towards Alec Baldwin, who is a victim in this as well. Whether he acted immaturely or like a narcissist in the past is irrelevant.

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