Fourtwnty Band Vocalist, Ari Lesmana, Debuts as an Actor in Ben & Jody

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Ari Lesmana, vokalis band indie Fourtwnty kini merambah dunia seni peran.

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Released a collaboration single with one of the country’s musicians, Ari Lesmana, vocalist of the indie band Fourtwnty is also busy preparing another surprise during 2021. Ari is now entering the world of acting.

This exploration is not the first breakthrough he did. After completing his master’s study majoring in corporate communication at a private Jakarta campus, Ari was an employee of a private bank. However, his calling for music made him only last for 2 years there. Then he decided to wrestle in the music industry and is now exploring the film industry. We can immediately see his first appearance in the film Ben & Jody, which was directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko from the production house Visinema Pictures.

Show barefoot and take off socks

Ari studied recording or recording techniques at Studio Palu. When he moved to Jakarta, Ari began to upload his songs to social media. Unexpectedly, his songs resonate so powerfully on digital platforms, that so many people have made cover versions. Ari, who is known to be indifferent on a daily basis, has even performed barefoot and took off the shirt he was wearing. For him, the audience came to hear him sing, not just stare
on his appearance.

gets the eccentric character

Not much different from his unique personality, in the film Ben & Jody Ari also gets an eccentric role, namely Gele. Besides being adept at using weapons, it is said that Gele very often falls asleep while on duty. During the shooting process, of course Ari found some new challenges, but he was also quick to make adjustments. The character he plays, Gele, can transmit enthusiasm so that he can enjoy the process. Want to know what Gele was in charge of doing in the Ben & Jody movies? Watch the excitement only in theaters starting January 27, 2022.


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