Homeless courtyard in downtown Las Vegas expanding

Construction on the first phase of the expansion is expected to be finished early next year.


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  1. They dont want help they want to live off people I help a bum out gave him a job and payed his rent until he started calling off work and lies and the drinking started to show then he just didn't want to work just drink but still wanted me to pay for his room good luck

  2. 800 homeless just to start ! This is bullshit! The Homeless have California to do their Drugs! Las Vegas is where we live and make money what do you think we're doing out hear in the fucking desert!!!

  3. Are you kidding me. This is how they spend our tax dollars? Load them up in trucks dump them off in the middle of the desert and let nature takes its course. Most are drugged out or crazy. Some are criminals or sex offenders on the run living under the radar. Such a waste. Spend money on our schools and education. Not wasted away non providers. You do goodders are really fools. Fine let these people live with you and your family. Let them around your kids and into your homes. What's that, "noway", exactly my point!!! Enough, stop this catering to this horrible group of individuals. How many diseases do you think will be in that area. I'm just saying out loud what most think. We don't want this crap around us or in our city. Get them the hell out of here!!!!!!!!

  4. Discrimination is bad in any form 🤢and divides people.🔪
    The RTC driver just made me sick 🤮. I took RT122 southbound at paradise/warmspring stop around 10:40am Dec. 16. The young black female driver refused the young white female to ride the bus, because she was not wearing a mask. I thought she was a good driver doing the right thing👏, but I was shocked after I got on the bus. The young black guy was sitting on the bus not wearing a mask at all. And she didn't do anything. I wonder how she felt if she was refused to get in, but a white kid was sitting inside without mask
    The. You have to treat everyone the same. By the way, I'm not white, just a regular guy with dignity.

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