News of Death, Rio Ramadhan Appears to Deliver Clarification

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Rio Ramadhan (Ari /

ONENEWS.MY.ID – The soap opera Rio Ramadhan was reported to have died. In addition to social media, news of the departure of the ex-girlfriend set by Rachmawati Kekeyi also quickly circulated in a number of online media.

But it turns out that the sad news is just a hoax. Shortly after news of his death circulated and made a public scene, Rio Ramadhan immediately appeared in a video uploaded to his Instagram account. Rio clarified that he is still in wakafiat health, unlike the news circulating.

Rio Ramadhan said his Instagram account was hacked by an unknown person. The hack is thought to be the beginning of the emergence of fake news.

“Alhamdulillah, my account has been returned, guys. So from the beginning my account was hacked by someone and then he made news that I had died until he replied to DMs from my friends,” said Rio Ramadhan in the video.

Rio Ramadhan’s mother also gave a rebuttal. When contacted by reporters, the mother confirmed that her son’s condition was fine.

“Hoax, his account was hacked. Thank God he (Rio) is fine,” said Rio Ramadhan’s mother, Sunday (2/1).

Rio Ramadhan himself admitted that he was very relieved because now his Instagram account was back, even though the photos in it could not be saved because they had been deleted by the hackers.

As is known, Rio Ramadhan was reported to have died from heart disease.


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