Nightly News Full Broadcast – Dec. 18

U.S. faces record Covid surge as omicron variant spreads, President Biden to speak amid Covid surge, and omicron variant spreads across Europe.

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Responses (48)

  1. Well let me tell you about large gatherings
    No one has been in our house since all this started with the exception of our daughter and her boyfriend

    Then on thanksgiving my best friend came for dinner
    Me, hubby, daughter, boyfriend and my best friend (5 people)

    Problem is on her way over (5 hours away) she decided to stop by her parents/sisters for a couple hours.
    Her brother-in-law mom and dad were all under the weather

    She was at my house Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Sunday night she got a call that her brother-in-law tested positive for Covid so she left and went home Monday, was sick by Monday night I was sick by Friday, December 3rd
    She tested positive dec 3, I tested negative, but tested positive 3 days later

    She went into hospital dec 7th? I went into hospital dec 11th and was there dec 11th -dec 17th
    Both with delta
    Luckily my husband daughter and her boyfriend did not get it

    Delta isn’t covered under the immunization umbrella of protection against getting covid. Only for the original variant
    You’re not protected against this new variant either

    No one is coming in my house till this is over, period!!!

  2. Just spent a week in surgical ward . N*t a single c*se of you know what in the whole building.
    N*t Busy . AT ALL
    Surge*ns KNOW what's up and arent pushing it.
    Once past the 19 years olds who check your "papers" at the door (not h*spital employees) there's no mention of it.
    The building was so quiet , its creepy.
    Use your intelligence folks .
    This is all just on TV.

  3. NBC News is thoroughly a mind polluting institution, you can’t tell if news cut into snipets is real of fake, because of the edits, a real doctor can look like an actor wearing a doctor’s frock. Presenting something as serious as a shut down which amounts to a universal deprivation of individuals from all institutions in civil society including the family, is criminal how NBC treats the subject.

  4. Liar Liar Liar I'll go wherever I want to go and I never left the country or travel from state to state, to tell the truth people are just cowards and scary and the biggest devil's on Earth yet they 👽😎😱are the ones who are Evil. Love conquers all things but they 😎👽😱 have no love. Boo!👻 scary cat's and stop lying on Africa. China and not Africa or Afrcans America has a lot of nerves and as for the NFL I stopped watching the NFL BS and Tom Brady back in 2002 so again who cares about the NFL BS and covid 19 coronavirus Diaper Masks 😷 Death control shots 💉

  5. All do rts should have been susiebed! They had no problem keeping the NBA off the courts and their as long as possible. same with basketball courts in cities last thing to open even after everything opened in California were the basketball courts. People we're playing soccer on basketball courts! An attack on black people, especially Black men and boys. Even though so many luv and play basketball the system did that. Opened hoops across America last thing. Racism 101! Baseball and football was being rushed to open , the stadiums packed during a "pandemic" doesn't make any sense! Planes flying from country to country. Schools open.. wasn't there just another school shooting killing?! Maybe if schools weren't open! That was in Michigan right? White supremacist terrorism and big corp and big pharma greed destroying America from within.

  6. In 1969 I Asked Yeshua/Jesus forgiveness of sins, HE took the needle out of my arms.  I'm 74 on the 30th of May clean. He never leaves U. The only power over satan!!!
    Pride is  Satan's sin.   Don't  allow it to be yours ASK Yeshua/Jesus to forgive your sins, and come into your
    life while U still have breath, NOW. Don't gamble with your eternal SOUL

    High Places: Why R there Egyptian "Obelisks" in Switzerland grave yards? Migration of spiritual Wickedness.  
    YT, "Devils letter to his nephew" by CS Lewis 2 min. audio, happening NOW !!!
    Cov 19 chip found in 5g towers. Literally connect with the nano vaxx, double cross. 1=A,9=I,=AI DEW! Get Right (sins forgiven) with Yeshua/Jesus, or be Left with Satan.

  7. Stop 🛑 going to the hospital special if u been vaccinated Stay home if ur sick 🤢 sick what about the employer that' doesn't allow people to be sick they tell u how u feel like Marietta Ohio … Well your just 💩🔥

  8. Me personally- My two biggest concerns in 2021 are Climate Change and systemic racism. I could care less about Covid, gas prices, or inflation. I am glad the Democrats agree with me

  9. Just a question but you were claiming delta variety cases, but had no way to test. How are we supposed to believe these statics with omicron, when all the numbers have been non- transparent? From the beginning.

  10. For the unvaccinated you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death. Sounds fun!! Sign me up!! What an amazing time to be alive! Viruses vaccines threats of war earthquakes hurricanes herds of animals dying and tornadoes sweeping across the nation. Is it just me or is something really happening? It's almost like someone is trying to get our attention. But whom??

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