Recognize 4 Signs That Prove You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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ONENEWS.MY.ID – Love is said to be blind. Not without reason, when we fall in love we ignore even negative behaviors that convince ourselves that this won’t happen again. But when to find out a relationship is turning toxic or if you are already in it.

There are some signs the relationship is toxic. One of them is communication and reflexes that are not very happy when your partner is around you. Here are some signs that prove you are in a toxic relationship.

Toxic communication

If your communication is about endless bickering, swearing, crying, and blaming each other, there’s no doubt that your relationship is toxic. While there is a fight being the basis of a strong relationship, but if it turns bad, it symbolizes a toxic relationship and must be ended immediately.

Negative financial behavior

If you have to deal with negative financial behavior with your partner, again, that is a sign of a toxic relationship. If you are taking care of all of your partner’s financial needs, you should get out of the relationship as soon as possible. Helping your partner financially or caring for them by choice is not a matter of contention but if you are forced to do so, know that the relationship is toxic.

Violent targets

If you’re the target of your partner’s aggression and violence just because they had a bad day at work, that’s a sign of a toxic relationship. Yelling at your partner or experiencing mood swings is perfectly fine, but if it’s getting out of hand let alone a physical attack, it’s not something you can do just once. So, pack up your emotions and say goodbye to the relationship.

Lack of respect

If you are the object of ridicule in front of your partner’s friends or family, it clearly shows a lack of respect in the relationship. And that, no doubt, indicates that you are stuck in a toxic relationship. So if there is no respect, instead of crying to yourself or seeing yourself as a worthless object, take a stand, ask your partner to quit and get out of the relationship.


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