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A record-breaking Covid-19 surge is hitting just before Christmas, Kim Potter takes the stand as she faced questions for fatally shooting Daunte Wright, massive cleanup efforts are underway one week after a historic tornado outbreak, and new accusations against actor Chris Noth. 
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  1. nowc if that was real why then let people who claim faith r u going to put the scarlet letter on them or is the testing the counting u know the extra money police mayors get for stagged traffic wreaks even in snow works just like fake stops

  2. Cases Expected..!!…Mild symptoms..!!!..,If Your Vaxxed..!!….omg…seems everyone has Had COVID..mild symptoms..!!!…Breakthrough…Expected..!!..,sniffles, aches..!!…Yet Not Hospitalized..!!…..geeze..Don't Panic..!!..Get Vaxxed..wear masks in tight spaces..omG

  3. Global warming is a product of mankind's greed and so is coronavirus accept reality like global warming covid 19 is not going anywhere and obviously unlike mankind it does NOT discriminate all this brainless heartless virus is looking for is a host to survive ,care to be a host for a heartless brainless virus don't get vaccinated don't wear a face covering but if you do care …….,…………….,.

  4. As to Baldwin's on set shooting; what if they had an affair and she was rejected and decided to both commit suicide and get Baldwin in trouble by loading that gun with live ammo? The gun is the culprit here, who loaded it, and how many bullets? The relevant crew had just walked off the set due to problems with safety. It's a murder mystery methinks. But his description of her direction as to where to point the gun is eerie, and key to the death. She literally directed her own murder. as Baldwin describes it.

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  6. The new vaccines are frozen or refrigerated. These temperatures are a red flag of warning for the use of cell lines. These are signs to health professionals that these are dangerous vaccines. They should be examined for cells and cell lines for medicine to avoid cancer.

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  9. Covid deaths US 827,135 India 476,897 UK 147,173 Germany 108,836 China 4,636 Australia 2,142 New Zealand 49.

    US Fox TV and Australian Sky TV viewers know that Rupert Murdoch and Trump were both vaccinated at the start of 2021.

    I despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection, who urge unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms.

    It's like the guy in the street telling the guy on the ledge to jump. G.Rivera

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