U.S. Faces Record Covid Surge As Omicron Variant Spreads

The omicron variant is spreading across the U.S. at an alarming rate and is now being reported in nearly all 50 states. Ahead of the holidays, Americans planning to travel and gather aren’t taking any chances, leading to extra-long testing lines. Hospitals are already stretched thin as they brace for what’s ahead.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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U.S. Faces Record Covid Surge As Omicron Variant Spreads

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSlsna7N5aI

Responses (28)

  1. How stupid that MSM, Fauci, CDC, Biden, WH Covid Task Force have fired people for not taking endless experimental therapy jabs. Pushing ineffective Covid CCP passports. Shame on these Democrats & Leftists. Stop listening to & voting for these nutcases at every level.

  2. I really dont understand why they are trying to push " lasike" omicron has attacked fully injected ppl. Then what logic is there to even think about lasike
    That to children! Do we know whats there! What are the side effects in the long run. Stop listening to vishva aarogya samsthe. Remember how they scared us about H1N1.I also think like that. China became richest country. How !Because they didnt put lockdown restrictions and didnt buy vaccines advocated by …W.H.O….they followed chinese traditional medicine..whereas INDIA NEGLECTED AYURVEDA. Anandayya was descriminated. Watch yohan Tengra's videos and Dr Rajus healthy IndiaStop testing and listening to W.H.O. CORONA WILL END.

  3. so how do you like it now? It's here to stay it's the rest of your life constant outbreaks…But even the anarchists among us should be able to understand that the virus without a host has a very short limited survival rate.two weeks maybe three weeks . But most citizens won't give up their freedoms they won't they will protest and fight… So are you happy now because this is the pattern you have set up its forever… The governments are too weak they know if they try to enforce severe lockdowns there will be gunshots fired in the streets we are an unruly bunch and we will get exactly what we deserve… Forget about the future folks this Covid-19 is here to stay

  4. Actual DOCTORS have said the Omicron is very mild like a cold…… like a VIRUS, which is Covid…… there is NO test for Delta, NO test for omicron…………….MSM being used to scare the sheeple and control

  5. Plan Long Range For the Pandemic
    Crisis will continue to occur until the pandemic is addressed worldwide. We are expectand want to assist other countries anyway so why not amass the necessary supplies for our own country in distribution locations throughout the US. More supples could be stored than needed with dated (first-in-first-out) supplies shipped to other counties when fresh supplies are added to storage locations. Nothing need be wasted. We could meet our obligations and not be caught short and still help other counties while still meeting our flucuating needs within reigions. Vaccine supplies not used in high anti-vax areas could be moved where it is needed or shipped to other counties before expiration.

  6. “First American dies from omicron who was re-infected, promoting concerns, worry and oh my good the world is ending!” Oh and he also was unvaccinated, was 60 and had underlying health issues.

    The words “surge” and “outbreak” are the hot button media phrases these days. Anything to keep people afraid.

    I also had a lot of respect for Lester Holt and thought he was a good tv journalist but his commentary supporting more lockdowns is downright disappointing.

  7. Oh America wins first in Omicron medal tally as recorded on Dec 23rd by huge gap, 124,216, while UK proudly rank second at 106,122. France took "bronze" with 84,272. "Poor" China "lost" the race at +77.

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