5 Benefits of Regular Turmeric Acid Herbal Medicine: Prevent Aging to Increase Body Endurance

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – Herbal drinks such as jamu tamarind turmeric have long been consumed by the public because they are believed to have the properties contained in them.

As the name suggests, turmeric acid herbal medicine uses turmeric as its main ingredient as well as tamarind. Turmeric has a lot of nutritional content in it.

As quoted from journal.unpad.ac.id, there are curcumin, essential oils, resins, desmethoxycurcumin, oleoresin, and bidesmethoxycurcumin, resin, gum, fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

1. Overcoming Menstrual Pain

During menstruation, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of menstrual pain around the abdomen, the pain reaction occurs due to the thickening of prostaglandins (PG) resulting in hypertonus and vasoconstriction in the myometrium resulting in ischemia and menstrual pain.

Then the tamarind turmeric herbal medicine is often recommended to be consumed during menstruation. Turmeric naturally contains curcumine as an active compound as well as phenolic compounds as anti-oxidants, useful as analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and blood purifiers. In the study “Kunyit Asam (Curcuma Doemstica Val) Reduces the Intensity of Menstrual Pain” in the Journal of Community Nurses, it was proven that giving the herbal turmeric acid has the potential to affect the relief of menstrual pain.

2. Prevents Aging

According to information quoted from the journal.unpad.ac.id page, turmeric contains curcumin derived from turmeric. Turmeric is traditionally used for the prevention and therapy of disease.

Modern studies reveal that turmeric is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antimicrobial, and anticancer substance. As an antioxidant, turmeric extract can counteract free radicals, increase antioxidant enzymes, and inhibit lipid peroxidation. This lipid peroxidation inhibition is a factor in preventing premature aging.

3. Maintain Body Endurance

The content in turmeric, namely curcumin compounds, reaches 50 percent – 60 percent, and plus phenol compounds in tamarind meat is a good combination of a number of anti-oxidants. The role of these antioxidants is to guard the body’s resistance or immunity when consumed regularly to see the results quoted from the Journal of ejournal3.undip.ac.id.

4. Help Reduce Body Odor

Tamarind contains anti-bacterial substances contained in turmeric tamarind called clavicle and estradiol substances. These components help eliminate body odor, control hormones, as well as sweat.

5. Lower Diabetes

The study entitled Activities Test of Jamu Gendong Kunyit Asam (Curcuma domestica Val; Tamarindus indica L.) As An Antidiabetic In Streptozotin Onduced Rat” resulted that the addition of jamu turmeric acid as a treatment for diabetes therapy had an effect on improving diabetes, it was concluded in the study that giving Tamarind turmeric herbal medicine is able to reduce and maintain blood glucose levels to return to normal and can repair damage to the pancreatic islets of Langerhans.


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