All 3 men found guilty of murder in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Travis McMichael, George McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan were convicted of murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was fatally shot in February 2020.



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  1. Roddie Roddie Roddie….as Fred Sanford would say: “YOU BIG DUMMIE”!! You are worse than Travis & Greg Mcmurderer. You had no idea what was going on but decided to join the party anyway. ROT IN JAIL & IN THE AFTERLIFE ROT IN HELL!!

  2. They were good, but they are not heroes. They did their job. There should not be anything special about this prosecution. The shocking part of this is that we would not be here if there was no video. Given this, America has nothing to be proud of. It might as well be 1921 instead of 2021. Had this been a 25 year old white female jogging through a black neighborhood in Atlanta, the outrage would be at a different level. I do not want to be a hero, but I can assure you that I will stand against the likes of the McMichaels and Bryan if they break the law. Likewise, I will stand with them, if they are mistreated, today or anytime in the future.

  3. The prosecuting attorney was wrong when she said the jury system works
    when there is only ONE black juror allowed on the jury.
    Yes, the jury made the right decisions in this case; nonetheless, the jury
    was supposed to be a jury of Ahmaud's peers. Having only one black juror
    does not represent justice.

    This case had National attention, so of course the almost all white
    jury was pressured to do the right thing.

  4. @Andrew Osborn Apparently you managed to get YouTube’s bullshit filter to delete your thread, which if you’ve been here more than a few days you’d know is quite a feat. Too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of nonsense you wrote THIS time. Eventually even YOU won’t be able to outdo yourself.

  5. i just have to get someones perspective on this: because the people in these comments are super effing annoying who are acting like they "won" something. The point is that you "won" absolutely nothing. Your so called "justice" doesn't mean crap because guess what? whoever that guy was is deceased. You are taking advantage of this black individuals' death yet you are celebrating people going to jail for what? Just to see three males go to jail simply because they are white as if that proves something? What a bunch of idiots. I probably have more respect for who Ahmaud was than the whole BLM movement put together, which is the point of this whole thing that I am trying to make. Some of us don't take advantage of others' death, pain, and suffering just to try and appear as if we are better people. In all honesty this proves absolutely nothing and is only successful in confirming everything I believe or believed in. Take my comment as you wish and please shove it. This whole narrative driving is absolutely ridiculous and those black people who cheered right in the middle of the courtoom as one of the defendants was found guilty was so shameful and so embarassing. If I had did something like that my mom would have embarassed and scorned the hell out of me acting in that immature manner.. yet somehow it is that exact behavior that is embraced as perfect symbolism of the way a certain group of people behave in this country. I simply do not understand as a maturing young woman growing up in America. My generation is a bunch of liberal lefty victimcard, race baiting dingbats and I feel as though I can do absolutely nothing to dissassociate myself from all of them all together.

  6. This guy was involved in a rubbery with gun a year before and the arrested police officer was involved in that case. So he's not that innocent but for the same is very stupid that people in usa have the right to carry gun and act as local police and judge. It's something wrong in this country and the mafia behind the wapon industry like the stupid wars that they keep losing in the middle east…nobody pay for that crimes only citizen pay for the bill…..wake up usa


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  8. Stop hating all people. It's evil and not normal it's a taught behavior. It can lead to this when you finally get caught. Love is the answer. But if you want to keep hating for no reason than mabie you will share a cell with one of these fools.

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