Army Chief of Staff Dudung Abdurachman Meets Influential Ulema of North Sumatra

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – Army Chief of Staff General Sitting Abdurachman While visiting the work area of ​​the Bukit Barisan Military Regional Command, he took the time to meet one of the great scholars of North Sumatra, Buya Amiruddin, in Medan, Monday, January 3, 2022.

The meeting was an attempt by Dudung to build communication with religious leaders. “The meeting between Kasad and Buya Amiruddin took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere,” said the Information Service of the Indonesian Army in a written broadcast, Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Buya Amiruddin is the Deputy Chair of the Medan Indonesian Ulema Council Team Board and Chair of the North Sumatra Tadzkira Dhikr Council. He also leads the Baitul Almustaghfirin Al Amir Islamic Boarding School. Buya Amiruddin gave Dudung a cap and a white turban at the same time.

Meanwhile, Dudung handed over assistance to Islamic boarding schools in the form of operational vehicles. Symbolic handover of vehicle keys from Army Chief of Staff to the leadership of the Baitul Almustaghfirin Islamic Boarding School Al Amir.

“This indicates the synergy that exists between ulama and umara in order to maintain the integrity of the unity and integrity of the nation in the Republic of Indonesia,” said the Information Service of the Indonesian Army.

General Sitting Abdurachman started his visit in 2022 to the Bukit Barisan Kodam working area. Dudung gave directives to Kodam I soldiers and at the Yon Armed 2/105 headquarters. Dudung’s instructions included asking the soldiers to avoid acts that are against the law and that are against the soldiers’ norms.

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