Astroworld festival: Tracking the tragedy l ABC News

ABC News pieced together social video and documents to track what happened at Travis Scott’s music festival in Houston that left 10 people dead.

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  1. i want to know why not one youtube is talking about the part of the video were you could see travis put his hand to his ear as the crowd was chanting stop the show, in response Travis does the arm cross basically say f*** you till the crowd… if travis doesn't sing the show stops so 3 people could of shut the show down not just 2.

  2. I can’t stop thinking about AstroWorld and I didn’t even go! RIP to all 10 victims. My condolences to their families and friends. Sending so much love to those who survived but are left traumatized by this event.

  3. If humans are this insane …. That they cant control themselves in a crowded space and ultimately are acting like animals. Not only hold the venue but the people not behaving properly. Unfortunately we cant just be like “let’s find out those psychos that were crushing those people by the videos” but hopefully this will open peoples eyes. Hopefully they’ll behave less like animals in dire situation.

  4. Come on this a sacrifice there was a portal there was demons or whatever walking the top of the stage that was so thin explain this there was a message see u on the other side u seen 8 shadows walking they was there to pick up them 8 souls that died

  5. Travis Has ear pieces in his ears so people can communicate With Him
    The camera man Also has communication devices He could have used after being informed that people were being crushed & dying , to stop the show.
    Travis says he didn't know till afterward , after the party he went to ? How come if fans are so important to him how come he didn't go to the hospital to ck on them. Of course using more PROFESSIONAL Security people.
    It seems like they just planned this in the CHEAPEST way possible.
    Im not dissing the 3 men who gave statements regarding how they saw things at least there was some people with some kind of knowledge of what Show Have Taken Place.
    As for travis & his so called apology , That has to be the WEAKEST in History. And yeah paying for the funerals , he should be taking on those hospital bills !
    Just bc the stopped the show ( briefly) a couple times doesn't mean he didn't see anything else that was going on. And All that communication gear everyone had on them , there is NO EXCUSE For NOT STOPPING THAT ISH SHOW.

  6. This is tragic and It must have been terrifying for the people -and child who were crushed. It's very sad and my heart goes out to the families and friends of the people who lost their lives. It seems to me that this was completely avoidable and that measures have to be taken to ensure that this does not happen again? Don't the Fire Marshall and the Police have the authority to call the show to a halt!? They are responsible for the safety of the public, as are the promotors. Why the authorities did not take control of the situation?! Shuffling the crowd could have saved lives and injuries. The very people entrusted with the safety of the public showed a reckless disregard for them. Or was it negligence? Two previous citations for inciting a riot?! seriously!?

  7. 300+ dollars to go to a music festival in Texas, in a middle of a pandemic, oversize crowd, lack of public safety, stream it live and then people die as a result of overcrowding and concert behavior gone wild. Sounds like a recipe for a concert in this good ol USA, and young people wonder why us older people are apathetic toward them. Doesn't take a brain scientist to figure this one out.

  8. A few things that I find odd they said there was only two people that could stop the show a director and an event coordinator or something like that Travis can stop the show and has stopped concerts in the past by raising his hand everything comes to a halt immediately there's multiple videos of his past concerts of him stopping the show all he does is raise his hand the event staff or whoever's in charge in the back they all know the signal Travis was told multiple times. He told people wowowo none of that none of that none of that and walked right away from the people trying to tell him to stop he smiled at the crowd when they were chanting stop the show this whole event was a shitshow understaffed under-qualified the police or whoever Fire Marshal Township whoever they're all in my opinion guilty to some degree you tell me if you were one of the fire chief's sitting listening to the scanner in the radio chatter with multiple people injured multiple people unconscious all the mass casualty event 45 minutes that show still went after the mass casualty event was announced over the radio the chief of police fire chief they could have easily cut the power but they're all evil people they work more concerned about getting yelled at by the elite then saving human life that they were sworn to protect they're all asshats

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