Bahar Smith will be questioned by West Java Police today for Hate Speech Cases

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Selain saksi, penyidik juga sudah mengumpulkan barang bukti untuk mengungkapkan kasus ujaran kebencian Bahar bin Smith.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

West Java Police will check Bahar bin Smith related to the case of alleged hate speech in a lecture in Cimahi, West Java on Monday (3/1), today.

Director of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) of the West Java Police Kombes Arief Rachman said the investigation was in accordance with the summons for Bahar which was sent last week.

“Obviously the investigation team is preparing for the BS examination in accordance with the summons we have sent,” he told reporters, Sunday (2/1).

Arief said the examination was also carried out after the investigation team conducted a case in the case of the alleged hate speech. He explained that the case title had been adjusted to the legal construction that had been prepared.

In addition to summoning Bahar, he said, investigators will also examine the owner of the Youtube account that uploaded the video of Bahar bin Smith in question. Arief claimed that the investigation would continue to be carried out comprehensively and transparently for the public.

“In accordance with the development of the results of the investigation, we will examine TR’s brother,” he said

“As for the follow-up plan, investigators will continue to work in a marathon manner, of course prioritizing professional, procedural, transparent and accountable principles,” he added.

The Ditreskrimum of the West Java Police has raised the case of alleged hate speech containing elements of SARA through social media (medsos) conducted by Bahar bin Smith to the level of investigation. Although it has entered the investigation stage, Bahar bin Smith’s status is still as a witness.

After being raised to the level of investigation, the police scheduled a summons for Bahar. The summons has been sent and the examination is scheduled to take place Monday (3/1).

The beginning of this case came from a lecture that allegedly contained hate speech in Margaasih District, Bandung Regency on December 11, 2021. The content containing hate speech was then uploaded to a Youtube account until it went viral.

The case was initially reported to the Polda Metro Jaya numbered B 6354/12/2021 SPKT PMJ 2021. Considering that the location of the incident was in the jurisdiction of the West Java Police, the Polda Metro then transferred the report file.

The West Java Police then carried out an investigation to investigation. Bahar, who is still the reported party, is suspected of violating Article 28 paragraph 2 in conjunction with 45 a of Law No. 19 of 2016 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).


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