Collaboration in One Project, Yuna and Shaun Ready to Release New Single | Kpop Chart

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A new musical collaboration is in the works, R&B artist Yuna is collaborating with famous South Korean DJ and musician, Shaun. Yuna will work on the lyrics and topline while Shaun will serve as producer on the song.

Both Yuna and Shaun are verified Spotify artists who have huge followers and millions of streams. Fans can look forward to Yuna’s unique R&B style that blends the tones of Sade, Aaliyah, and Brandy with inspiration from Shaun’s electronic rock/pop and indie rock/pop vibes.

Yuna and Shaun

Yuna and Shaun are said to be passionate about working together in this collaboration, said representatives of each artist. On Spotify, Yuna has 1,537,046 monthly listeners at the time of writing. His two most popular songs include ‘Crush’, with over 82 million streams and ‘Lullabies’, with over 8.5 million streams.

Shaun has 3,148,877 monthly listeners on Spotify, with his most popular song being the single ‘Way Back Home’ (feat. Conor Maynard). To date, the song has garnered over 231 million streams on Spotify alone.

Yuna aka Yunalis Zarai

Popular R&B artist Yuna has mastered the magic of the musical dichotomy, on the one hand delivering a sound reminiscent of some R&B masters, while maintaining a sound that is unique and fresh in the R&B world. According to her Spotify bio, Yuna divides her time between living in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, various footage of which she shares with nearly 1 million Instagram followers. Yuna’s soulful voice has helped her build a loyal fanbase of listeners who have listened to her songs a million times. He has released 5 albums and has collaborated with various artists in the US, including Usher. Listen to Yuna on Spotify.


Shaun is a South Korean DJ, musician, and producer. He wowed audiences with his live performances and is best known for his global hit, ‘Way Back Home’, which has garnered over 200 million streams on all charts in major Southeast Asian countries including Korea. ‘Way Back Home’ is reborn with a collaboration between Sam Fetld and Conor Maynard as a global version. Listen to Shaun’s work on Spotify.

Stay tuned for further news regarding Yuna and Shaun’s collaboration which will be released on their social media channels in the coming months. (ONENEWS.MY.ID)

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