FOX5 Surprise Squad: New Beginnings

From the gift of mobility, to a kindergartner beating cancer, to a surprise at the checkout line…see families get a fresh start in 2021. Thank you to our FOX5 Surprise Squad sponsors United Nissan, America First Credit Union and Albertsons/Vons. Know someone who needs a surprise? Nominate them at:

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  1. Ooooooo. Seeing that cute,,little girl go through what she went through AND, TI BEAT IT,, IS AMAZING!!! NO PARENT SHOULD EVER GO THROUGH WHAT HER PARENTS DID. Reminds me of when my Anthony was 3. Went through a hospitalization because of viral pneumonia. Almost lost him when his fever spike OVER 105°F!!!! Thanks be to God, he's STILL HERE!!! Seeing her little face light up, made me ball like a baby. Tears!!!!!

  2. As a dad, myself, seeing that precious, little princess's face light up just melted Mt heart. Niagara Falls, folks. I live out on Long Island, in New York State. I, ABSOLUTELY LOVE these uploads from Fox 5 Surprise Squad. Like your friends up in East Idaho News, Y'ALL DOING GOD'S WORK!!!!

  3. Thank goodness her parents realize that cerebral palsy doesn't mean lack of awareness. It means being trapped inside a body that refuses to cooperate with you and take her for adventures. So many kids in that situation don't have that understanding.

  4. I'm from Canada, have no clue how I ended up on this channel a while back but now I look forward to new posts because seeing others blessed by the kindness of others still gives me hope on society

    Good stuff Surprise Squad & Sponsors!

  5. Such sweet & heartwarming stories & those doctors are amazing…I wish all those sweet families, The Fox 5 Squad staff, Forman Family, Nissan & all their sponsor friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY YEAR

  6. I was crying the whole time and I want to say that you have changed the lives of many I live in Portland Oregon and whenever you put out a new video I'm watching it Thank you Fox 5 for reporting on these feel good stories. I'm disabled and I do what I can to make people a little more happier in my life

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