Indonesian National Team Players Started to Look at Foreign Clubs after the AFF Cup, This is Shin Tae-yong’s Comment | Bolaindo

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A number of Indonesian national team players are reportedly on the radar of foreign clubs after performing well in the 2020 AFF Cup.

The Indonesian national team failed to win the 2020 AFF Cup trophy after falling against Thailand in the final.

However, the appearance of the Indonesian national team players in the 2020 AFF Cup still received appreciation.

The Indonesian national team itself was actually underestimated in the 2020 AFF Cup.

This is inseparable from Shin Tae-yong’s decision to bring in many young players.

The average age of Indonesian national team players in the AFF Cup this time is around 23.8 years.

Although armed with young players, the Indonesian national team can actually go far to the final.

Thanks to this achievement, a number of Indonesian national team players are reportedly starting to be ogled by foreign clubs.

Two of them are Indonesian national team defender, Alfeandra Dewangga and Pratama Arhan.

Both are reportedly interested in clubs from South Korea, Japan and Europe.

This information was conveyed directly by the CEO of PSIS Semarang, Yoyok Sukawi, which is his second club at this time.

Shin Tae-yong also heard about this transfer rumor.

Shin Tae-yong thinks this is good news for Indonesian football.

“Indeed, this is very positive for the Indonesian squad,” said Shin Tae-yong.

“Hopefully this can be a better step for Indonesian players,” he added.

The 52-year-old coach also encouraged his students to play abroad.

According to Shin Tae-yong, there will be many positive effects if Indonesian players dare to go abroad.

“We hope that Indonesian players can go out to the Japanese, Korean or European leagues,” said Shin Tae-yong.

“So they can learn a developed football country.”

“I believe this will help Indonesian football,” he concluded.

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