Laura Love Gus Dur’s idol as a figure who embodies the value of tolerance in Indonesia

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Cinta Laura (

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Cinta Laura was nicknamed the Ambassador of Religious Moderation after her speech before the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. The half-German artist has now returned to appear reading a speech at the virtual commemoration of Gus Dur’s 12th haul on December 30, 2021.

On that occasion, Cinta Laura revealed that she idolized Gus Dur as a figure and leader who voiced the issue of inter-religious tolerance. According to Cinta, the teachings of the late Gus Dur about tolerance must be maintained and continue to be conveyed.

“Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur, is a figure that is difficult to describe in words. I think for millennials he is a person who truly embodies the value of tolerance, which currently must be maintained,” said Cinta Laura in a virtual speech at TVNU YouTube channel.

Not only that, Cinta Laura admired Gus Dur’s way of expressing his opinion in any matter. According to the soap opera actor Oh Baby, Gus Dur is a smart person.

“I really admire his courage in voicing the reality of the problem to the community. Often we see leaders who cover their views and maintain popularity in the community,” said Cinta Laura.

“However, I believe that leaders must be honest, believe in their stance and have the courage to face the consequences for the sake of the future and for the good,” said Cinta Laura.

At the end, Cinta Laura hoped that there would be many brave leaders like Gus Dur. Gus Dur is described as a figure who defends the values ​​of Pancasila.

“I hope there will be more future leaders who dare to have opinions and defend the values ​​of the Pancasila of the Republic of Indonesia. Thank you Gus Dur for all the knowledge that has been given to us,” concluded Cinta Laura.


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