LIVE – Ahmaud Arbery case: Closing arguments in trial for men charged with killing Arbery

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Warning: may contain graphic language and images

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Responses (25)

  1. I love how the defense went through all Travis’s training as if his actions were perfect and justified from a guy who left a handgun on the seat of an unsecured truck. These attorneys should be ashamed of themselves to not just rely on the facts of the case but had to besmirch an innocent dead man’s image in the process.

  2. The defence attorneys seem to be players in a little league game against Linda Dunikoski who is the star 🌟 quarterback of the winning🏆 team in the NFL!!!!! Travis’ face is clearly showing what he is thinking: “my attorney is inferior and a loser compared to Linda and I am F…Ed up!!!! My attorney is continually insulting the intelligence of the jury and saying a lot of porky pies!!!!!”

  3. The crazy part about it is Greg came to get his son Travis who was then trying to put his 3 year old son to sleep they both went out and 5 mins later caught murder charges and now will go to prison for the rest of their lives,Travis son will never know his father and grandfather smfh what a stupid decision to make

  4. Defense attorney comments…”acting erratically when approached and making terrible, unexpected, illogical choices”…”No one but Ahmaud Arbery made the decision not to stop when Travis’s truck rolled up beside him”

    Yeah because it’s obviously ‘unexpected and illogical’ for a black guy to try to run when three armed white guys in a pickup truck chase him and yell at him to stop.
    Heck I’m white and I’d probably also run.

  5. Bryan turn away because he thought he had to face Arbery by himself, but as soon as he spotted the mcmichaels again, he reapproached the situation. He's a coward. His lawyer keeps addressing intelligence, like you have to be intelligent to be a participant in a crime. The lawyer also wants yiu to believe that even himself, as the lawyer, ain't that smart either. Please, its 2021

  6. Bryan was breathing hard and legs shaking, because that's how hyped up he was. They are trying to make it seem as though Roddie is slow. He isn't slow. H e is a coward just like the mcmichaels. Fear of what, a man running away and you're in a 5000 pound truck? Gtfoh

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