LIVE – Ahmaud Arbery case verdict: All three defendants found guilty in murder of Ahmaud Arbery

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Warning: may contain graphic language and images

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Responses (41)

  1. It always bothered me how none of the men had no remorse for killing this man. It took me awhile to watch anything about this trial. I did today and still feel no satisfaction. Racism killed a man and put three others in jail probably for life and for what? I bet they all wish they could turn back time, I know Ahmaud would wish that.

  2. No one is more for self-defense than I am, but this was not self-defense.

    What damned these wannabe vigilantes in their claim of self-defense, no crime had been committed against them or their property. In fact they didn’t even witness an actual crime taking place, they only “suspected” Arbery may have committed at worst misdemeanor trespassing (which does not qualify for citizen arrest in most states, most require a felony crime) – suspicion is not a lawful justification for a citizens arrest.

    They became the aggressors by taking the law into their own hands after being told by the police they were on their way by chasing Arbery down with guns for no other reason than “suspicious behavior,” rather than let Law Enforcement handle it and you cannot claim self-defense when you’re the initial aggressor.

    Arbery was the one defending himself against unlawful detainment and threat of great bodily harm and/or death at that moment.

    Ahmaud Arbery was murdered and now they will pay with life in prison.

  3. It was just unbelievable that the defense attorneys never amounted to a defense of self defense or citizens arrest, rather they chose to talk about their community.
    The verdict was justified according to their involvement in killing Ahmuad Arbery.

  4. Stop your white tongue Mr Sheffield.
    The judge even chastised your time.
    These cowards had Murder as the object of killing of Mr Arbery being of different colour.
    They are sorry know knowing that life behind Bars will restrict access off Big size Gun Slingers.
    Let's hope for the judge will give them life with out parole as they will be a menace to the society.
    Mr Sheffield I give you a small banner for your jacket to pin down.

  5. When I was a teen my sister and I both used to build houses out of books just knowing one day we would be architects . On our walks if we ever saw a house in the making we were in heaven and was trying to guess what room , bedroom , bathroom were . It was just neat , plus we imagined living there since our own home was ughhhh …. Well it was a roof over our heads thank God . But never did we realize we were trespassing or even think of it as such since it was just a house being built to us . But imagine dying over just being curious. Curiosity killed the cat . I now get wth that means .Hate as well !

  6. They truly believed they had the right of white law to run down, gun down then call 911 on an innocent man who in their white minds who they expected to be innocent of their racist hunt and kill of a black man who they believed had no right to jog in their lily white neighborhood 🤔

  7. PLEASE don’t conflate the Kyle Rittenhouse case with this one, it’s like conflating LGBTQ+ rights with Black civil rights. Black people deserve protection under the U.S. Constitution all by themselves.

  8. 😆😆😆😆😆😆 Travis look what happen got all ya boyz

    🎵🎶fuked around & got locked up!
    They wont let y'all out
    Look how GOD MOVES
    1 BLACK GUY IN 11 WHITE🙌🏾still found dirty i mean guilty!

  9. How can these guys even CLAIM self defense in the trial?!? The man was LITERALLY unarmed and just jogging… Thank goodness they've been found guilty Theres so many cases out there JUST LIKE THIS where people just get away with this stuff… Or its just swept under the rug by local law enforcement who seem to harbour the exact same hateful views.

  10. This was such a horrible murder. Apparently he was too afraid to run through anyone's yard in this neighborhood. My guess is he was afraid of being shot as a trespasser. And he couldn't even run on the public roads to get away. I've never been so ashamed to live in Georgia as a white individual. These murderers got what they deserved but AA will still be a murdered black man whose only mistake was jogging in a racist neighborhood. Everyone in this neighborhood who contributed to this from the gossips (mommy dearest) who put all of this into motion to the murderers, will meet their maker one day. A true Christian family would know the fifth commandment and the consequences of murder as well as the sin of gossip.

  11. It's about time that America wake,and pray that the young man's death will a sign we are all born equal no matter skin color!!!! I as a 77 year old white woman just don't get!! Color should not matter, if you feel that way judge all people by who they are not by color. God bless us all!!

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