New Breakthrough in Music Industry, Laleilmanino Markets NFT Collaborating with Collectibles

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ONENEWS.MY.ID – After successfully selling more than 525 IBL NFT with the Indonesian Basketball League late last year, in early 2022 the Collective Technology Startup made a new breakthrough in the music world. In collaboration with the vocal group Laleilmanino, now Kolektibel is marketing the trending NFT of the current generation.

“The NFT industry is moving quite fast. We need to respond to the music industry to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity of this new technology. We really hope that this collaboration can open up as many NFT adoptions in Indonesia,” said Pungkas Riandika, CEO of Kolektibel in a press release received by reporters. recently.

Nino representing Laleilmanino said, music is an art form that is the most simple, dynamic, and can be accepted by many people. Launching NFT in the music industry could be the first step to advance the art of music.

“We recognize that the world of music is constantly evolving. We see that NFT is not a temporary trend, but a new era for the future music industry,” said Nino RAN.

Pungkas explained that music is an industry worthy of being accompanied by NFT in 2022. This is part of a collective strategy so that NFT can be adopted as quickly and as massively as possible in Indonesia.

It is hoped that this step will be a breakthrough for Indonesians because they can directly collect NFT in an easy way.

In general, the collectible platform provides a friendly and easy user journey for everyone. Slightly different from other NFT marketplaces in Indonesia, collectables do not use crypto currency as a payment method for their NFTs, but instead use fiat or the currency prevailing in Indonesia, namely Rupiah.

For information, Collective Companies have been integrated with popular digital payment instruments, such as GoPay, OVO, Virtual Accounts, debit/credit cards, to payments through Alfamart and Indomaret outlets.


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