Perseden Denpasar Staring at Fighting for League 2 2022 Promotion Tickets | Bolaindo

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Perseden Denpasar doesn’t just want to appear in the 2021/2022 Liga 3 national round. Laskar Catur Muka hopes to get a promotion ticket to League 2.

Perseden Denpasar became the representative with the status of champion of the Bali zone. I Wayan Sukadana’s squad beat PS Jembrana 1-0 through Reza Yulian’s single goal.

This is the second time in a row Perseden has qualified for the national phase. In the 2019 edition, Perseden was eliminated in the round of 16. Perseden lost in the shootout drama 2-4.

“When we qualify for the national phase, surely all the focused teams will have tickets to League 2, including us. Hopefully we can get better achievements,” said Perseden coach, I Wayan Sukadana, Sunday (2/1/22).

Wayan Sukadana said the competition this season was quite tough. The reason is, 64 teams from all provinces directly fight in the national round, no longer duel in the regional first.

“We are still blind about the strength of the team that will be the opponent in the national round,” he explained.

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