Police Attacked When Destroyed Residents’ Riots in Tanjung Priok

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Bripda Rio Novemberyanto Rajagukguk dikeroyok oleh sejumlah orang saat berusaha melerai keributan warga di Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara, Sabtu (1/1).

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

A member of the Dit Polairud Baharkam Polri Bripda Rio Novemberyanto Rajagukguk was ganged up by a number of people while trying to break up the crowd’s commotion. This incident occurred on Jalan Ende, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta on Saturday (1/1).

North Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Guruh Arif Darmawan said that his party was currently investigating the incident.

“We will process it,” said Guruh when confirmed, Monday (3/1).

Separately, North Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Dwi Prasetyo Wibowo explained that this incident began when the victim was eating at a warteg. At that time, the victim saw that there were residents involved in the commotion and intended to intervene.

“So basically the victim was eating at a warteg with his colleague when he saw a crowd of people (commotion), intending to break up but instead became a victim,” said Dwi.

Dwi conveyed that the investigation process related to the beatings against members of the Police was still in progress.

“Yes, we have investigated from a few days ago we investigated after the incident,” said Dwi.

The incident was caught on video and circulated on social media. One of them was uploaded to the Instagram account @cetul222.


In the video, you can see a group of residents getting involved in a crowd in the middle of the road. In the video, residents can be seen arguing with each other and some of them are involved in beatings.

“Bripda rio novemberyanto raja gukguk saw the incident and tried to break up the beating, but an unknown group of people turned against Bripda.rio novemberyanto raja gukguk (KP.Belibis 5007) Sub-directorate of water patrol Ditpolair Korpolairud baharkam polri,” the statement said in the statement. the.


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