This Morning’s Top Headlines – Dec. 13 | Morning News NOW

Search and rescue efforts are underway after the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky, the victims of the Amazon warehouse collapse are identified as a demolition takes place and Bill Karins gives a weather update. 

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Responses (47)

  1. Glory be to God, look at humans and what they have achieved in terms of progress, technology and complex things that the human mind is confused about, and they do very difficult things.!!?…. and look at what God asked people to do in obedience to His messengers who sent to all mankind Muhammad, peace be upon him and Jesus, peace be upon him And all the Messengers, may God’s peace be upon them..? Look at what they commanded people to do things that are easy for every human being. They told people to say… There is no god but God… and to worship God alone and not worship anyone with Him. And not to approach the taboos that God has forbidden from polytheism, committing adultery, killing oneself, drinking wine, and people being unjust to each other.. and people are stubborn, arrogant, and reject the truth. All that is happening now of things that do not bode well and that are greater and more dangerous if you do not return people to God … All that happens because of violating the orders of God, violating His messengers, and committing taboos … And this universe of His creation acts with it ….? And he is not left to do what he wants.

  2. Rare december tornado outbreak 🤔. I told y'all there were going to be some worse storms. I am sorry for anyone's loss. I told y'all what you could do to prevent this..again I repeat it's only going to get worse

  3. I find it interesting that the channel did NOT report that the Candle Factory supervisors threatened to fire any employee who left the job site to go to a safer place or to be with family.
    Seems the news is more about what they don't tell you than what they do tell you.

  4. I used to go to bowling Green 3 times a year for 6 years in a row. I liked going to Nashville from IL and I would always stop in bowling Green. I'm saddened by the tragedy praying for Kentucky!

  5. $1 million dollars to amazon is a #100 or $10 to most of us our here. Amazon had a cheaply built warehouse that collapsed in seconds! They are right now trying to buy off employees lawsuits. Offering them little things, so called help. Bezo's cares about nothing but money! Sue him!!!

  6. These vaccine are the way that these new variant are coming outta the vax are actually to cause more variant so everyone will panic and then they'll start agreeing with the government mandates an thats when there gonna take our rights people wake up vaccine should b protected from unvaccinated and look how hard there pushing this i mean Biden has done nothing but show where his true intentions are an let me stress that it ain't for the people he's not for us

  7. Not usual at all to have this kind of tornado activity at this time of year but let's just keep praying and pretending like climate catastrophe is not here until the next severe weather catastrophe or the West runs out of water which is going to happen PDQ then you're going to have to double down on those prayers and ignore science even more. Also are you religious people that hate science might want to study that humans are the only species on the planet hello we're not Divine we do not rule over the animals we are the only species on the planet with the capacity for suicidal denial so the next time this happens which isn't going to be long tell yourself climate catastrophe is a hoax

  8. Respect for all the frontline heroes, and those whom helping other people. And hopefully local and federal aid will ontime not only for resceu. But for rebuild the homes and repaire the building. Because winter season in soon.

  9. An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 American concert/documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim about former United States Vice President Al Gore's campaign to educate people about global warming

    We have been WARNED and more stronger tornados are to come. The GOP don't believe in science and we supported and now living with the results of the GOP's ignorance

  10. This is the way all planets change. It's natural and has cycles
    Not some sort of wrath or curse or climate change
    Cleaner habits is good for humans
    Bit, this whole thing about thinking we can change the direction the world is going is ridiculous

  11. Such heartbreak. Much devastation. Airship down. Oh, the humanity.

    "Unlike anything anyone has ever experienced."

    "It was like multiple freight trains."


    Wow wow wow wow wow wow.

    That god sure seems to have his FINGER in EVERYTHING. Almost as if he makes tornadoes too. Air gods are super weird like that. Who could've predicted.

    I'd bet HAARP and heathen scientists are to blame for this evil!! Grab your arm … chairs!

  12. Imagine what Trump would have done if he were president…..

    First, blame all officials who didn't support him in the last election. Second, hold a bunch of informal news conferences where he would suggest that he will be donating millions of his own money. However, these donations would never materialize……

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