Blockbuster will be revived as a streaming service

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Blockbusters is a giant company in the 90s engaged in the rental of video and games in the United States. These video rental companies are everywhere and they are packed almost every weekend with people trying to find the latest movie to watch or a new game to rent.

Then when streaming services began to shape the way we watch movies, Blockbuster began to fall behind and eventually go out of business. However, lately the internet has been buzzing again due to the spread of news about the company which is likely to return in the form of a new streaming service.

The group calling itself Blockbuster DAO is reportedly trying to raise $5 million to acquire the intellectual property rights to the brand, which is currently held by its owner Dish Network. The plan is to rebrand and rebuild Blockbuster as a streaming service. The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, will run on the blockchain and automate most decisions. They will put more power into the hands of viewers to determine the future of licensing and native programming on streaming services in hopes of eliminating human error.

DAO is said to want to raise $5 million to acquire Blockbuster rights from Dish Network, but FX Empire, which first reported on the plans, said that DAO plans to “use a PR campaign to build pressure on Dish Network to sell Blockbuster.” In other words, Dish Network is currently showing no interest in selling the rights and the DAO hopes that by making a fuss and putting themselves out there, they can get fans to pressure them into selling. Not a concrete plan, but it’s the start of something that could generate more pressure, which could raise more money for the venture.

Currently, there is only one Blockbuster remaining, which is located in Bend, Oregon. Yes, it’s still operational and you can watch a documentary about it on Netflix called The Last Blockbuster. Dish Network has licensed the rental company’s name and logo for merchandise such as t-shirts, puzzles and board games. Recently, Netflix announced that they are working on a sitcom series project set in the last Blockbuster starring Randall Park.

With so much recent focus on these companies, it’s no surprise that companies want to try and bring them back into the modern era. Anything can happen, and the idea of ​​Blockbuster going head-to-head with Netflix and others does sound pretty good.

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