Comedian Dave Chappelle remains under fire for his Netflix special, LGBTQ comments

After years of controversial performances, many said the comments Chapelle made about the Trans community in his special, “The Closer,” went too far.



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  1. I’d rather have my testicles cut off and fed to a shark than get more of this me er ending crap about how angry everyone is and the feelings are hurt. Too bad grow up and get to work doing something

  2. Critics are critics because they aren’t funny DAVE CHAPELLE has more talent that all these critics and unusually overwhelmingly people who get kissed by the time they wake up every morning

  3. This CancelCulture community🤦🏻‍♀️ needs therapy for their sensitive self to resolve their ACTUAL REAL problems. As much love exist in the world, there is equal hate. No matter how much energy you waste on this protest, there will still be more ppl who hate. You say he made fun of you? He makes fun of everyone!! Come on now- this ain’t new.

  4. If people don't like it then mind ur f$$king business and don't watch it. Chappelle has the right to say or believe whatever he wants. Who the hell is anyone to critique him! I m glad he didn't back down since it's not his issue it's urs if ur offended!!

  5. Being on the end of Chapelle’s JOKES verses being at the end of Trump and his cronies’ REALITIES — how about protesting the real, the tangible, the absolute danger! Pick your battles wisely and not just ganging up on the easy target. Because in the real picture it is not Chapelle who is doing the real hurt and damage to us.

  6. Anyone calling him transphobic or hateful clearly didn't watch any of his recent specials. People really need to start watching or searching for themselves and stop following media outlets.

  7. I giggled a bit when the women said “there are SOME who think he’s a genius, and MANY that find his work offensive” 😂 it’s the other way around honey, MANY find him a genius, some find him offensive.

  8. He never said it was funny that limp wristed men call women hiefers and call them selves the finer sex; men who seek to appear as women are not women; by any stretch of anyones imagination/
    any more than if I wear air traffic controllers clothes, I am not an air traffic controller// even if I dream to be one every day of my life/.
    grow up see the world as it is/ if you want to pretend go for it; don't ask me to pretend away my rights as a WOMAN/ you already have human rights/ equality/ respect as a person/(and if you had periods you would use your manliness to get tampons paid for) but don't shove your pretend bullshit down my throat or my kids or family If you want to destroy the family you will answer to the creator as he made us/ I don't hate anyone but I don't call you any names except pretender/ I will never stand in your way to pretend what you want from your life// but get Get your foot off of my neck. I am WOMAN hear my roar… if u don't bleed every month your a pretender

  9. Dave Chappelle is a comedian, comedians tell jokes about everything and everyone. Let the man live!!! Let him tell jokes about whatever he likes, that is his role as a comedian. Dave Chappelle is the best in his art!!!! Yes I understand that if his jokes relate to your style of living then it would offend you, but get over it, NOTE he is a comedian they talk about everything. Honestly all of his jokes are funny to me even the LGBTQ ones and I am not homophobic, I love everybody.

  10. I am with Dave Chappelle 100% because his job his career that he chose was a comedian you have to understand what a comedian does makes you laugh not excluding anything or anyone from being to make a joke out of laughter people laughter it's such a gift to be able to feel something such as laughter within ourselves such as love within ourselves it's a gift from God and Dave Chappelle is not pointing fingers or trying to make people feel bad he's trying to make people feel happy in times that we needed the most so please stop taking things personally cuz everybody at one point in their life has laugh or grin that someone else that was wrong but if you're a comedian it's not because people come to see you you can make them feel happy inside and the gift like that it's priceless so keep doing what you're doing Dave Chappelle I'm behind you 100% And A lot of people are too everybody should be

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