Depok Residents Complain to DPRD for Accused of Occupying Government Land

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Depok – A resident of the Pelni Complex, Baktijaya Village, Sukmajaya District, complained to the Depok City DPRD because his land was sealed by the Civil Service Police or Satpol PP.

Boy Nurdin, the land owner, alleges the sealing was carried out on the basis of a false report. “So my land is considered as social and public facilities owned by the government, so it was sealed,” he said when met at the Depok DPRD, Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Boy said the sealing was carried out by the Depok City Satpol PP on December 30, 2021. This stopped the development project that was being carried out by him.

He claims to have clear proof of the legality of the land he bought in 2014. “As a person who understands the law, of course (I) check first, right, the legality. It’s impossible for us to buy it small, big, grandpa, we can’t just buy it, right,” said Boy.

For this complaint, Boy submitted an audience to Commission A of the Depok City DPRD to resolve the issue.

The chairman of Commission A of the Depok City DPRD, Hamzah said from the results of the hearing it was found that Boy was the legal owner of the land and was not part of the Depok City Government’s social and public facilities.

“The city’s share of assets states that the land is not an asset of the city government or as social and public facilities for the Depok City Government,” said the Gerindra Party politician.

Regarding the Building Permit (IMB), said Hamzah, the land owner already has one which was issued in 2014. However, it does need to be renewed, because the IMB is single, while the land owner plans to build 6 housing units there.

“The IMB reads that the single residential house issued in 2014, (while in the field), becomes 5 or 6 units, so it must be renewed,” said the chairman of Commission A of the Depok City DPRD.


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