Gerindra Asks the West Sumatra Provincial Government to be Transparent about the Mangkrak Project

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Fraksi Gerindra di DRPD Sumbar meminta penjelasan Pemprov terkait proyek mangkrak dari mulai pembangunan stadion, gedung kebudayaan, hingga pengadaan sapi.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

Party Faction Gerindra DPRD West Sumatra asked the provincial government to be transparent to the public regarding a number of stalled development projects in the area in 2021.

The chairman of the Gerindra faction of the West Sumatra DPRD, Hidayat said there were still a number of stalled projects such as the continued construction of the Main Stadium, the construction of the Cultural Building which was allegedly only eight percent, then the completion of the DPRD Building Fence was around 50 percent.

“A number of projects are still stalled, we ask the public to announce the causes and obstacles. Also to announce to the public partners who have made contracts but have not carried out their work to completion,” he said in Padang, Tuesday (4/1) as quoted from Between.

Furthermore, several procurement activities such as procurement of partner sewing machines that do not meet specifications, procurement of ducks that do not comply with the provisions (cage, no vaccine) and procurement of incomplete and dead cows.

According to him, executive control is weak in ensuring the implementation of programs and activities as evidenced by the non-optimal implementation of a number of activities.

Hidayat gave an example of the problem of cattle procurement that was not carried out as it should be, such as lean cows, goats that died suddenly, or poultry that were not optimally formed.

He received a report, for example, at the Saiyo Aia Pacah Farmer Group, Koto Tangah Sub-district, the aid of goats fell ill and died suddenly after only one week of arrival out of 40 procurements, 12 of them died.

Then at the Tuah Sakato Farmer’s Group, Kuranji, a number of the aid cows received were very thin and this should not have happened, if the work was carried out with a good system, and there was assistance.

“The Gerindra faction has requested that this case be thoroughly investigated and that partners be dealt with in accordance with applicable regulations. Announce it to the public in the context of public standards and transparency,” said Hidayat.

He asked the governor to strengthen the executive control system and mechanism in the ranks of structural and functional officials in order to ensure the achievement of optimal results for the implementation of programs and activities, especially the implementation of superior programs in the agricultural sector whose budgets swelled compared to the previous year.

“For the effectiveness of the executive control, we suggest a delegation to the deputy governor to carry out monitoring of regional strategic programs and activities so that there are no more cases of stalled projects that do not meet specifications,” said Hidayat.


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