Kenosha shooting timeline: Tracking Kyle Rittenhouse | ABC News

Using videos verified by ABC News, we tracked Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions the night of Aug. 25, two nights after Jacob Blake’s shooting sparked protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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  1. He should’ve been given a medal instead of being arrested. At least justice was served since he was found to be not guilty plus he should get a very fat payday after he’s done suing ABC, CNN, NBC, and all the other propaganda pushing idiots who spewed nothing but lies about this entire situation to try to ruin his life.

  2. It’s literally a natural instinct to protect yourself if you’re being threatened. It’s something called fight or flight reaction that humans have used for thousands of years. In this case, Kyle had a gun to protect himself from the guy that was charging at him during the protest, and it was all instinct to shoot the guy that was charging at him for self-defense. Not to mention that Kyle was protecting the stores and other places in the city. Kyle was correctly utilizing his 2nd amendment for self-defense. The bad thing is, is that the media portrays him as a cold-blooded murderer and they don’t show the full story of the situation. In the long run though, I think Kyle is all in the right and the people that were shot were ignorant for charging at a guy with a gun, and they suffered the consequences.

  3. Btw he was a police cadet and he was taking paramedic courses he also supported the BLM movement he also was legal to own the rifle in Illinois a 16 year old can have a rifle with parents permission and also his dad lived there he was staying at his dads house 🤦🏻‍♂️ media leave so much out

  4. Wtf did u expect if u try to hurt someone with a gun? I would do the same thing for my self defense, and he run away from that shirtless guy so he give him multiple times to run away but he keept chasing him so end of the story is everything RIGHT

  5. I hate how America and others let the Genocide and mass rapes go on in Bosnia,the Arms Embargo on Bosnia (to not let Bosnian Muslims(Bosniaks) fight back……. Our women and young girls were raped in the most brutal ways and the genocide in Bosnia,Srebrenica(Injustice)……………..We need our revenge. TRUST ME THERE ARE MANY ANGRY BOSNIAKS out there who did not forget!!!!! So many Serbs still brag about Srebrenica and other crimes. No peace. F peace……….We will see who will have the last laugh.also ,Kosovo is NOT Serbia.I may be unlucky, i may not have a gf,but i will continue my fight against evil and injustice no matter what. I can not stand when a person who can not fight back,gets killed,or bullied,or a girl raped,i just can not stand that!!!!!!!!

  6. If I was angry I wouldn’t attack a guy that has a assault rifle just saying it’s kinda stupid this is what happens when people think they are invincible sad but people need to start opening eyes and appreciating life instead of making bad choices

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