Like Aris in KIDS BREAK UP, These 4 Zodiacs Have the Greatest Cheating Desire

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ONENEWS.MY.IDHaving an affair anyone can do. Even done by an established man who already has a beautiful wife and child, as Aris did in the series Broken Kite broadcast on the WeTV platform.

Talking about cheating, it turns out that there are zodiac signs that have the greatest desire to have an affair. Here is the list as reported by the Pinkvilla portal


Sagittarius is Zodiac who loves freedom and having fun. When they are in a love relationship, they really don’t like being restrained by their partners. So, when they feel bored because their partner is too controlling or controlling, they will choose to cheat on their partner.


Gemini gets bored easily, including in love affairs. So if you have a Gemini zodiac partner, you should always refresh the relationship in various ways. The reason is, if Gemini is bored with the relationship, then it can be very easy for them to break up or even have an affair.


Scorpios have big ambitions and are persistent in pursuing their goals. Unfortunately, in love affairs Scorpio does not want to think about it too seriously. So, when they feel their relationship is too forced to be more serious by their partner, they instead choose to have an affair.


Leos want to be noticed all the time. They love to be the center of other people’s attention. In love, they will also demand it. If your partner pays less attention, then Leo will look for another love.


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