Nightly News Full Broadcast – Dec. 3

Parents of accused Michigan high school shooter charged, omicron variant detected in several states across U.S., and Alec Baldwin says he is not at fault for “Rust” movie set tragedy.

00:00 Intro
01:21 Deadly Michigan high school shooting
05:52 Omicron variant latest
08:23 Interview with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky
10:20 Jobs report and Pres. Biden challenges
12:05 ‘Rust’ shooting latest
14:17 Smash-and-grab robberies arrests
16:08 Race to Deliver/Follow journey of Everlane sweater
18:40 Crypto art craze

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Responses (37)

  1. He changed his story. You didn’t shoot not just one person. But Two. So he didn’t pull the trigger twice 🤨. He is white with money and connections. He will get away with it and someone else will take the fall.

  2. First gun is a handgun? That's about as stupid as giving a racing car to a toddler. First gun, should always be a hunting rifle, or shotgun. Handguns should be like getting a commercial driving license. You let a child drive a Semi do you?
    Freaking stupid humans.
    Semper fi Earthlings

  3. It’s troublesome how White House spokesmen can speak so vile of this terrorist act, that was carried out by another white child of America. But, took the high road when it came to the Ritterhouse acquittal, after he murdered two white men, as they were first marching, and secondly they attempted to take a gun from a child, who they believed was a danger to the community and himself….. This country is so full of hypocrisy and lies and this is why, as a whole, this country continues to retaliate against the government and themselves…

  4. Wow..I think the charges to the kids Parents is correct and right.! They deserve the charged.. for being lousy parents. I used to live in Detroit Michigan.. for 24 years.. And, I've seen the life there. It's a Bad place to raise a family. ( Detroit Michigan was named back than as (Vietnam) because of All the killing's). Wow. I'd moved out on 2006. Yep.!

  5. conspiracy: I wonder if this is tied to Baldwin's anti trump acting and some one who is disgruntled enough to have a motive to put a live bullet in his gun. So sad what ever the truth is and investigation will reveal.

  6. ALEC BALDWIN, all the rules of safety apply to everyone except you? That is what you are saying whether you realize this or not; if you go to court unrevised you will have the same result of that McMichael moron, psycho-thug. If around guns at all, EVERYONE IS presumed to know NEVER point, loaded or unloaded, precisely as the famous unloaded gun has killed so many more than the loaded. GET better council before it is too late. If I were you, I would not add to my problems, regardless what they seemed to be, with irresponsible misrepresentation of the truth. In case you do not know, that means do not lie.

  7. The CCP has long offered rewards for beating Hong Kong people around the world, and it was the CCP in London recently. The crash of Malaysia Airlines MH370 was a victim of the internal struggle of the Chinese Communist Party. It concealed a lot of the CCP’s infiltration and buying in Malaysia. It is now buried along with the crash. U.S. Foreign Minister Blincoln has always reiterated that Taiwan has sufficient self-defense forces, but he never mentioned that he would send troops to help Taiwan. Is it now taking advantage of the cross-strait situation to do arms business? Taiwan should work with Japan, South Korea, and European countries to develop nuclear weapons as soon as possible. This is the most fundamental and most effective and cheapest way to check and balance the CCP and Russia. The US policy of appeasement is to sell weapons to make money in the name of democracy and freedom. Why can communist countries threaten democratic countries with nuclear weapons, while democratic and free countries are indeed restricted from developing nuclear weapons to defend themselves? These are all traps set up by the United States to do military business.

  8. …NFTs, another fad that will eventually pass which also wastes a lot of energy in the minting process. I've been a digital 3D artist for years who creates actual illustrations not "tokens" that are ridiculously priced and really have little meaning.

  9. I think that holding parents at least partially accountable is the absolute 100% proper action to take! The family structure has deteriorated. This generation of parents with kids in this age group range let their kids run wild —They don't pay attention to their psychological well being and they rarely know what conditions their kids' minds are actually in!
    THIS situation had so many opportunities to intervene.

    Just ask your kids if they plan on killing some other students this year. You may be surprised at what they say. Parents are scared to talk straight with their kids…

    What happened to the human race? Are we really so disgraceful?

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