Reflecting on Kinan and Aris’s relationship at a broken kite, should we check our partner’s cellphone?

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Sejumlah orang ingin punya akses terhadap ponsel pasangannya. (Depositphotos)

ONENEWS.MY.ID – In one scene in the series Broken Kite, while in the hospital, Kinan (Putri Marino) checks her husband’s (Aris) cell phone. He did that because he suspected that Aris was having an affair. After opening Aris’s cellphone, Kinan finds Lydia’s (Anya Geraldine) contact.

It is undeniable, cell phones do keep someone’s secret. Including the most intimate secrets, such as infidelity. Therefore, some people want to have access to their partner’s cell phone. The problem is, does one need to access their partner?

The following are some of the opinions reported in Destiny Connect about whether everyone should have access to their partner’s cell phone. This conclusion is obtained from the opinions of several respondents.

You and your partner need privacy

Everyone should have privacy. So one should not be able to have access to the partner’s cell phone. After all, trust is a very important thing from a company connection, and if someone feels the need to look through their partner’s cell phone, this indicates a fairly worrying level of distrust in a relationship.

If your partner is cheating on you, he will find other ways to cover it up

Often people find what they are looking for because they intuitively know that something is wrong. At the same time, if someone really wants to cheat or cheat in a relationship, then he or she must find other ways to cheat. He could have kept the facts of the affair in other media.

Show respect

If a person wants to continue in a relationship with his partner, then he must respect it at all costs. Therefore, maintain relationships by not being too suspicious of each other because we are all adults.

Remember, Ignorance is the source of happiness

Often ignorance is the source of happiness. This becomes an absolute truth if we have a connection with someone. Trust me, whatever WhatsApp conversation your partner has with his girlfriend or boyfriend, it has nothing to do with us. So you don’t need to know everything.

It’s even stressful

The more we know something, the more insecure and stressful we become. In addition, our partners are human and they sometimes have stupid conversations with their friends, for example by saying ‘oh my gosh she’s so sexy’ or ‘oh, got carried away in a dream’. And when a text is read, there are still things out of context that we will never know for sure the next truth.


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