Sleman Regent Calls Klitih Perpetrators As Children of Lack of Attention

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Bupati Sleman Kustini Sri Purnomo menyebut remaja pelaku kejahatan jalanan atau klitih sebagai anak-anak kreatif yang kurang diperhatikan dan difasilitasi.

Yogyakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

Sleman Regent, In Yogyakarta, Kustini Sri Purnomo called youth perpetrators of street crimes or clich as creative children who are not cared for and facilitated.

Kustini refuses to call them ‘bad kids’, but creative children who are active but take the wrong attitude and lead to negative actions.

“From several cases that occurred, these children on average still lack education, especially as a result of the act itself which can deal with the law. If these children who have more energy are directed to positive things, of course it will be very good ,” said Kustini at the Parasamya Hall of the Sleman Secretariat, Monday (3/1).

The klitih case on Bumi Sembada itself was last recorded on Monday 27 December 2021 in the early hours of yesterday at Jalan Kaliurang Km 9. The victims were teenagers with the initials D (16) and F (16). Both of them were beaten and stabbed by six people, where one of the perpetrators was still a minor.

Meanwhile, data from the Yogyakarta Special Region Police (DIY) recorded 80 students were involved in 58 clinical cases throughout 2021. The most common modus operandi, respectively, are torture, possession of sharp weapons (sajam), and vandalism.

Kustini agrees that the klitih action is a criminal act that is not justified in the norms of society and the law. Therefore, he invites all relevant stakeholders to be involved in handling this problem, especially the active role of parents.

Comprehensive efforts, for Kustini, are needed to direct creative children to channel their excess energy into more positive activities.

“Actually, this requires sensitivity from parents as well. Children’s activities are above 21.00 WIB what are you doing You just need to be monitored and you have to be firm if it’s just to play or hang out. Because if it’s from the family, the term is letting it go, of course this will not be finished,” explained Kustini.

Youth Information and Counseling Center

Kustini claimed that the Sleman Regency Government had long paid attention to clinical cases by activating the Youth Information and Counseling Center (PIKR). This group, which is filled with teenagers, not only contributes to the formation of information and counseling services on Family Life Planning for Teens, but also educates about deviant behavior.

“This is actually a language between teenagers, yes. We have also done that and will be intensified again through PIKR and peer education to the Dasawisma level. I am sure that if communication between teenagers runs optimally, klitih will be reduced and completed,” he explained.

On the one hand, in order to support the channeling of the creative and active spirit of teenagers, Kustini said that the Padukuhan Free Wifi facilities and sports centers in each sub-district could be a solution for mid-term klitih handling.

According to him, the interests and talents of the youth can be channeled through these two facilities. The busyness of exercising and enriching knowledge for Kustini can minimize the potential for deviant behavior among teenagers.

Meanwhile, the short-term step that will be taken soon is to ask the Satpol PP along with other cross-sectors to intensify patrols at vulnerable hours. In particular, monitoring at location points that have been prone to clitih actions.

Next, maximize the lighting of each road section which is a vulnerable point for street crime. Plus, collaborating with the police for the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras.

“Currently we are designing indicators related to klitih. So that the next steps or efforts can be deeper into the root of the problem. We hope that all of Sleman is safe, Yogya is safe and these young people become agents of change that have a positive impact,” he said. .


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