SNMPTN 2022, Social Studies and Islamic Boarding School Graduates Can Take Science Majors

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Kemendikbudristek mengatakan pada SNMPTN atau SBMPTN 2022 peserta didik lulusan pondok pesantren atau IPS bisa lintas jurusan ke prodi eksakta.

Jakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) ensures that students can cross majors when applying to State Universities (PTN) in selection SNMPTN or SBMPTN 2022.

The head of the 2022 LTMPT, Mochamad Ashari, said that students can choose between majors when registering for the SNMPTN or SBMPTN. He also emphasized that students who graduated from Islamic boarding schools could cross majors to study exact sciences.

There is no prohibition for that [lintas jurusan], those majoring in science can take social studies, and vice versa can also,” explained Ashari at the Ministry of Education and Culture Office, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (4/1).

For information in the prototype curriculum, students are not classified in the IPA/IPS/Language class. Students at the high school/equivalent level can more freely choose subjects in the exact or social fields.

However, when participating in the selection to enter PTN, both the SNMPTN and SBMPTN pathways, students are categorized into two parts, namely exact students and social students. Registration for PTN admission is also divided into two majors, namely exact (IPA) or social (IPS/Language).

Related to this, Ashari appealed to students not to cross majors. The reason is that it is feared that there will be difficulties in participating in a different study program with high school subjects.

“But there’s a risk there [lintas jurusan], because the subjects are different so that later it will be difficult when studying, it’s not impossible,” said Ashari.

“The continuation is difficult because the courses are different from those that will be followed,” he continued.

Previously, the selection process for entering PTN through the SNMPTN route had been going on since December 28, 2021. At this stage of selection, students and educational units are required to register for an LTMPT account to take part in the SNMPTN.

Meanwhile, the SBMPTN will only start after the entire selection of the SNMPTN pathway is complete. Registration for the new UTBK-SBMPTN will begin on March 23-15 April 2022.


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