Some reasons men are forced to end their relationship with you, even though it’s a shame

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Menghadapi patah hati, reaksi ketiga zodiak ini malah cenderung agresif. (Depositphotos)

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Not all love stories have a “happy ending”. Not all relationships end on the aisle. Sometimes, the relationship is forced to end, even though the hearts still love each other. There are various reasons behind it. And a relationship can end on good terms, without drama. Here are some reasons why men are forced to end their relationship with you, even though it feels heavy.

Seeing No Long-Term Relationship In The Future

Men think very realistically. With logic. Even though it’s a pity, even if he falls in love half to death, he will think again, should he continue his relationship with you if there is no future? For example, he knows that your family doesn’t like him, there is no parental blessing. Or he himself sees, you are not ready for a serious relationship or marriage. Or indeed both are not ready to be serious. So instead of having a purposeless relationship, a man can choose to end it better.

Can’t Be Himself

Some say that a man will leave because his partner is “nagging too much” or the woman is trying to “fix it.” In a relationship, compatibility is the main thing. One of them is to match his personality. That way, both of them can be themselves who are whole, honest and sincere with each other.

There are two things that make a man unable to be himself when on the side of his partner. First, the guy feels that his partner is always nagging when he is who he really is. Second, he doesn’t like the way his partner tries to “fix” him.
It is enough to make a man or woman go even though he has fallen in love.

Always Compared to Other Men

It becomes a joy when he knows that you chose him, out of all the people in the world, as a life partner. The reason is, he feels special after you choose to spend time with him every day.
So, when she feels like she’s being compared negatively to other men and feels uncomfortable, it will erode her happiness. A man will feel himself like a “second choice” or worse. If those feelings arise, it’s enough to make him want to leave even if he’s in love.

Very Negative Relationship

A relationship is inseparable from arguing or fighting with each other. Just like women, men will stick with their partners even in difficult circumstances.

However, if negative things continue to come and don’t find a bright spot, it will actually make both of them burdened and the relationship will fall apart.
No one wants to stay in a negative situation and feel bad forever, neither man nor woman. In the end a person will leave and no matter how much he or she loves him.


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