Synopsis DEWI RINDU SCTV Episode 34 Today Tuesday 4 January 2022

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Sinopsis DEWI RINDU SCTV Episode 25 Hari Ini Rabu 29 Desember 2021

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Synopsis MISSING GOD SCTV Episode 34 Today Tuesday 4 January 2022

Dewi entered Rangga’s room. I want to report that everything is ready, but Rangga becomes frustrated. Thinking of Dewi receiving Beny’s clothes. Rangga became nagging Dewi. Goddess is confused. dad why?

Meanwhile, Lastri was still sad to think whether she was expecting too much from Benny? Looks like Benny will never pay attention to him.

Longing again with Toni and Yuna at the supermarket, it turned out that at that time Inka was also there. Yuna is currently busy looking for something. Toni even met Inka. They were surprised when Rindu was there. Suddenly, Toni’s friend came, Toni’s friend misunderstood and thought that Toni was still married to Inka.

Maya is still around the city of Adrian. Know Maya’s cellphone sounds. Adrian telephoned. Maya said, “Yes, mas.. I’m here. Wait for you… where are you actually going?

The party was already underway, the guests seemed crowded. Rangga greeted, at that time the Goddess appeared. Rangga looked so fascinated that he was stunned. Dewi wanted to get out of the way but was immediately pulled by Rangga.

Rangga and Dewi went on stage, Rangga finally gave a welcome speech and gave a few words about their wedding plans. Rangga looked at Dewi and expressed his deep feelings for Dewi and about being impatient to be Dewi’s husband. Dewi was shocked to hear that.


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