Tips to reduce the habit of wasting food

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ONENEWS.MY.ID – Often wasting food. Able to buy in large quantities, but it turns out they don’t really need it. In the end, a lot of food is wasted, either because we forget it or we just can’t afford it.

Remember, there are many others who are not as lucky as us. In addition, not wasting food is also good in terms of pockets, aka more cost-effective.

Four ways of Real Simple the following could be a solution.

1. Create a detailed shopping plan
Before entering the market or supermarket, make a shopping list based on the inventory of groceries you still have at home. This way, you won’t buy more than you need. Also, study the expiration date of your food, so you don’t buy too many perishable ingredients.

2. Always remember rotation
Follow the standard warehousing method, FIFO (first in, first out). Arrange the layout of the storage in the refrigerator. New stuff on the back, old stuff on the front (easy to get to). The same applies to packaged foods. Make it a habit to first finish the leftovers before opening a new one.

3. Take advantage of the excess food
Okay, the food rotation is done. However, there is still an excess of food ingredients whose expiration dates are near. Try to make the most of the excess food by doubling the recipe or freezing it in the freezer–if the situation is really urgent.

4. Do not hesitate to “wrap”
Come on, how many of you eat out everyday? Don’t be shy or proud to ask the waiter to wrap the leftovers. Maybe there are family members at home who are willing to spend it, or for your own dinner hehehe.


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