Tragedy strikes Astroworld music festival in Houston

Eight victims between the ages of 14 and 27 are now confirmed dead.




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  1. Keep your 🧠🤍 of men are cold in the last days🖤,turn now,for what is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul💯Wake up💤💉🧬☠🌊🌈Repent⌚Like in the days of Noah God will judge the world⌛ …

  2. 🔴GTFOH with all this
    "It's not poor Travis's fault" talk!
    This isn't the first time foolery & a** backwards behavior has happened at a Travis Scott event!
    He was arrested in the past for encouraging fans to rush the stage & has a reputation for getting pissed at security when they try to do their jobs at his concerts.
    He's no victim of some fluke & unfair accident as if he had NO POWER or RESPONSIBILITY to prevent this!
    It's dangerous & DEADLY to worship people like Travis!
    God Bless the victims & their families…

  3. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, did!!!
    The authorities need to wake up… or they plainly are in denial…
    Playing demonic music hours before concert… people felt the demonicness even before the concert even began, again, Travis who sold his soul to satan new this!!!
    Everyone on that stage knew what they were doing, and I bet you, known of them got the jab, or else, they too would have died … many in the audience got the Jab, together with the DEVIL'S FREQUENCIES, friend, it was all planned, a set up… it was a blood sacrifice ritual to their cabal God… Chris, Scott's mother in law is a known high ranking witch, all the Kardashian's or witches… Chris's 66th birthday was on that day…
    I thank God Jahovah Travis Scott didn't play the next day to finish his satanic evil agenda.
    I'm saddened this happened, but it needed to happened, peoples eyes most open to the bold evil in this world, it's a war for the souls of man.
    Travis Scott's apology was the saddest excuse of remorse I've ever seen, it was pathetic, and down right demonic.
    He couldn't stop hiding behind his hands… anything to not look straight into the camera… but he continued touching his face, That's a person who's highly on narcotics, druggies do that…
    They itch their face their bodies and they can't stop doing it and that's what he was doing. I know this 1st hand.
    Travis has legends of demons in him…
    Some say hundreds died, 300 with serious conditions admitted to the hospital.
    If you don't, God forbid, your going to die. Know your enemy, Satan, He comes like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
    Watchman on the wall.

  4. cause of death(s) still unconfirmed and they just wanna toss this to the side already and starting talking about OD (s) instead… how is a grown man security gonna tell media he got poked by a needle then a few days label it “debunked” or say it’s not true any more… very suspicious… remember folks ignorance is bliss

  5. Good ole news media telling and showing half truths! oh ya showed him saying that someone was passed out but not showing the part where he is standing on the platform looking right down where a dead body was being handed over the crowd and chanting some weird sound or the two kids telling him to stop kids are dying and he said you know why your here and kept playing! No the news media never mentioned that!! no surprise!!

  6. He is guilty
    there were people in vip who had been helped out, kylie can not say that she did not know it and that Travis did not see it! they are to blame, that concert should have stopped when people broke in over the fence as there was no room for so many people.
    several times you hear help (STOP THE SHOW) from the audience, and there is even someone calling 911, from the pile of people.
    they must be sued, even the police for not having intervened.

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